How do I get a Cartier discount?

Does Cartier offer discounts?

They will not negotiate. Unfortunately, even buying two items is not enough to warrant them offering a discount as most of the people who are buying things are buying big ticket items–they can’t offer discounts to everyone.

What is the employee discount at Cartier?

Normally, Cartier staff can get up to 25% off employee discount on regularly priced for all products.

Is Cartier cheaper in duty free?

No idea of Cartier prices US v Paris. But if you go to your nearest Cartier and ask, they will do all the math for you, including the VAT bit. For watches at duty free, it is about 11% cheaper than making the purchase in town, but they don’t have many models.

Why is the Cartier tank so expensive?

The reason why Cartier watches are expensive? High quality materials, genuine historical significance, and “influencer” endorsements from some of the world’s most iconic fashionistas have led to a perfect storm of brand clout, which translates to an expensive price tag.

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Is it worth buying a Cartier watch?

Many Cartier watches retain their value and several will go on to be worth more on the pre-owned market than when they were first purchased. The brand has spared no expense when creating these luxury commodities. … Gold Cartier watches and those dressed in gemstones and diamonds tend to sell for more than those without.

Is it cheaper to buy Cartier in Paris?

Re: Is it cheaper to buy Cartier Jewelry from Paris or London? It will be much the same price in either city. If there was a significant difference, people would be crossing the Channel to save money all the time.

How much do Cartier employees make?

How much does Cartier pay? The average Cartier salary ranges from approximately $56,304 per year for a Sales Associate to $56,304 per year for a Sales Associate. The average Cartier hourly pay ranges from approximately $22 per hour for a Sales Associate to $22 per hour for a Sales Associate.

How much does an employee at Louis Vuitton make?

Louis Vuitton in Los Angeles, CA Area Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Sales Associate salaries – 8 salaries reported Los Angeles, CA Area $22/hr
Artisan salaries – 4 salaries reported Los Angeles, CA Area $17/hr
Sales Associate salaries – 4 salaries reported Los Angeles, CA Area $21/hr

Do Cartier employees make commission?

I know that cartier should be around 1-2% commission (doesn’t seem much but they might sell some big pieces and lots of ‘smaller’ items with many customers and it all adds up) and they get 30% off in Cartier plus anything under the richemont umbrella – e.g. Chloe etc. This is just an approximate.

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Does Cartier ever have a sale?

Cartier does NOT go on sale (ever) and in fact their prices generally go up 1x per year. There is no cheaper way to purchase, unless you know a broker, and in that case you would be purchasing used (which is fine, so long as its real… gold is gold). To summarize, the only way to get cartier for less is to buy used.

What is the cheapest Cartier bracelet?

The cheapest versions of that bracelet are pink or yellow gold and cost a steep $4,500. The yellow-gold bracelet with a diamond is $5,300. With more diamonds, the bracelets (expectedly) get increasingly expensive; a pink-gold bracelet with pink diamonds starts at $40,400.

Does Cartier do financing?

Cartier doesn’t offer financing as a first-party company, but there are plenty of Cartier resellers that offer financing on Cartier’s products. Furthermore, there are platforms that exist to offer payment plans on any high-value product, so technically, you can get a Cartier product through financing.

Does Cartier Tank Solo hold value?

Do Cartier Watches Retain their value? Cartier watches do not just retain their value, they in fact keep their value like appreciating gold. Most of the classic Cartier watches are resold at higher value because like they are recognized as a vintage timepiece legacy that will last a lifetime when maintained properly.

What is the best Cartier watch to buy?

  • Cartier Ballon Bleu De Cartier. Distinguished by the blue sapphire nestled safely on the side of the case, the Ballon Bleu De Cartier is a watch that is clearly one of the best-looking watches in the world. …
  • Cartier Tank Anglaise. …
  • Cartier Clé De Cartier. …
  • Cartier Ronde Solo De Cartier.
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5 Most Popular Cartier Watches for Men

  • Santos De Cartier. Designed as a rule breaker of sorts, the Santos de Cartier collection of cushion-cornered square watches takes its inspiration from the first wristwatch ever created by the brand. …
  • Drive De Cartier. …
  • Cartier Tank. …
  • Rotonde de Cartier. …
  • Caliber de Cartier.


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