How do you get free appetizers at TGI Fridays?

Join the TGI Fridays Rewards club and get a coupon good for a free appetizer or dessert. You’ll also other perks, such as a Jump the Line Pass that lets you skip to the front of the crowd during busy times. The program is free to join on a computer, or download the free smartphone app.

How do I claim my TGI rewards?

When your points balance reaches a reward threshold level, you can claim a reward. To request a reward, visit or the mobile application, and log in to your account. When you claim your reward, the appropriate number of points will be deducted from your account.

Does TGI Fridays still have unlimited appetizers?

Unfortunately, not all of the appetizers listed in TGI Friday’s menu aren’t available in the Endless Apps deal. Only a few selected appetizers from the actual menu and a few other added items are available.

How do I get free chips and salsa at Fridays?

Joining is free, quick and easy. Sign up here or download the TGI Fridays App and join there. Earn a Free App immediately when you join that you can redeem with the purchase of an entrée. Plus enjoy a free Chips & Salsa every time you dine in just for being a Rewards member.

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Does TGI Fridays have half price appetizers?

Does TGI Fridays have half price appetizers? As of now, TGI Friday’s does not have a promotion for half price appetizers. However, there are currently a few appetizer specials on the menu, including: Beverage, appetizer, and entree for $12.99 for lunch.

What is the best thing to eat at TGI Fridays?

The Best & Worst Menu Items at TGI Friday’s

  • Best: Spinach and Artichoke Dip.
  • Worst: Wings Roulette Platter.
  • Best: Beyond Meat Cheeseburger, Green Style.
  • Worst: Cheddar Bacon Omelet Burger.
  • Best: Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken—Lunch Portion.
  • Worst: Chinese Chicken Salad.
  • Best: Bacon Ranch Chicken Sandwich.


How long do TGI stripes last?

Stripes are valid for 365 days from the day they were earned after which they will expire.

Does TGIF have endless apps 2020?

Endless Apps are here to stay. TGI Fridays Endless Apps are now available for an unlimited time. Options include mozzarella sticks, loaded potato skins, BBQ chicken flatbread, pan-seared pot stickers, boneless buffalo wings, and – new to the Fridays menu – meatballs and fried pickles.

Does TGI Fridays have endless appetizers 2021?

T.G.I Friday’s $12 Endless Choice Appetizers | 2021 Special Sales ‘N Deals.

Who has endless appetizers for $10?

TGI Fridays is bringing its $10 Endless Apps deal back as a permanent fixture on its menu, the company said Wednesday.

Do Fridays points expire?

Do points expire? Points do not expire for active members. Just make a purchase (in store or online) at least once every 12 months to remain active. Make sure you provide the server your phone number during each visit to ensure you receive points and to remain an active member.

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How much is the classic Fridays combo?

TGI Fridays Menu Prices

Food Price
Classic Fridays Combo $13.99
Green Bean Fries $6.99
Traditional Wings $11.99
Bucket of Bones $18.99

What are premium entrees at TGIF?

In addition to the Jack Daniel’s items, Friday’s is offering Langostino Lobster–to help turn any meal into a celebration.

Langostino Lobster Topper Entrees:

  • 10-ounce-ounce Black Angus Rib-eye.
  • 10-ounce Black Angus Sirloin.
  • 8-ounce Black Angus Flat Iron Steak.
  • 7-ounce Norwegian Salmon.
  • 6-ounce Black Angus Petite Sirloin.


What specials does TGIF have?

TGI Fridays Deals

  • Whiskey-glazed Sliders Bundle $28.
  • The Bones Bundle $58.
  • Grilled Chicken and Ribs Bundle $53.
  • Fried Chicken and Shrimp Bundle $43.


Does TGI Fridays have a 2 for 20 deal?

TGI Fridays Announced A Deal That Will Let You And Another Person Eat A 3-Course Meal For $20. Date night = solved. … It’s called Fridays Feast, and it’s pretty amazing. Starting this week, you can hit up TGI Fridays and score a three-course meal for two (meaning two apps, two entrees, and two desserts) for just $20.

Does TGI Fridays offer a senior discount?

No, T.G.I. Friday’s does not offer senior discounts.

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