Is it buy one get one free at Chipotle?

Chipotle Mexican Grill is the latest business to offer an incentive for getting the COVID-19 vaccine. The fast-casual chain will offer buy-one-get-one free entrees Tuesday from 3 p.m. to closing at participating restaurants nationwide with the purchase of an entree.

How do I get the chipotle buy one get one free?


  1. ORDER IN-RESTAURANT. Bring a friend to Chipotle on July 6th from 3pm to closing and order in-restaurant.
  2. SAY “FRIENDS BOGO” WHEN CHECKING OUT. Build your perfect entrées and say, “Friends BOGO” at the cashier.
  3. GET A SECOND ENTRÉE FOR FREE. Enjoy a free entrée in support of National Month of Action.


Does Chipotle have buy one get one free?

All customers have to do is say, “Friends BOGO” to the cashier in order to redeem one free entrée with the purchase of another free entrée of equal or greater value. Premium add-ons such as guacamole, queso blanco, and extra protein will cost extra and each customer is limited to two free items.

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What does Bogo mean at Chipotle?

The buy one, get one promotion applies to in-restaurant orders only; no online or app orders will be accepted. Each customer can get up to two free BOGO items per transaction when ordering two items. Guacamole and queso blanco are extra.

How do you get a free year at Chipotle?

Online: Make a purchase of food or beverage at a participating Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant and collect the receipt. After that, visit or website printed on your receipt and enter your receipt code to get started.

How do you order the secret menu at Chipotle?

By now, the Chipotle secret menu is no fable to many.

Ask a server for a Burritodilla, but if they don’t know how to make it, tell them to follow these steps:

  1. Put a pile of cheese on the tortilla.
  2. Ask for half the fillings of a burrito to be put on top of the cheese.
  3. Put another layer of cheese on top.


Can you get free Chipotle on your birthday?

Yes! If you sign up on the Chipotle app, they will give you a free entree on your birthday.

What day is Chipotle’s birthday?

Founded by Steve Ells on July 13, 1993, Chipotle had 16 restaurants (all in Colorado) when McDonald’s Corporation became a major investor in 1998. By the time McDonald’s fully divested itself from Chipotle in 2006, the chain had grown to over 500 locations.

Which pepper is used in the most Chipotle menu items?

Each morning, we hand slice all of the bell peppers for our fajita veggies in our restaurants. They come in red, green, yellow, orange, brown and purple, but we mostly use the green ones (and the occasional red and yellow) because they go really well with our ingredients.

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How can I get a discount at Chipotle?

Chipotle Savings and Discount Hacks

Join the Chipotle Rewards program. Members get 10 points every time they spend $1 and get a coupon when they earn 1,250 points. You have up to 60 days to use your rewards. Download the Chipotle app, and enter your date of birth to get a free reward every year on your birthday.

Is Phantom Fireworks buy 1 get 1?

*Buy one get one specials, buy one get two, coupons, and specials not applicable to 50% off Premier Pricing.

Can you lose weight eating Chipotle?

A Chipotle-based diet helped one man lose 22 pounds in three months. Tyler Marinelli posted on Reddit this week that, after starting a Chipotle-centric diet of intermittent fasting on New Years Day, he has lost more than 20 pounds and cut his body fat by 8% in three months.

What does chipotle give you on your birthday?

For your birthday, enjoy a Free Chips & Guac with a $5 purchase at participating Chipotle locations. Sign up today for Chipotle Rewards to receive your annual birthday gift each year!

Is it healthy to eat Chipotle?

Chipotle is one of the healthier fast-food joints: they only use fresh ingredients with no processed or artificial additives. That’s pretty impressive for a restaurant chain of their size. But even though Chipotle’s ingredients are better than most, you can still rack up the calories on a typical order.

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