Quick Answer: Does Norwegian Cruise Line give military discounts?

Does Norwegian offer military discount?

Norwegian Cruise Line is proud to offer members of the military and their families exclusive discounts on select cruises up to 10% off. So whether you’re a Veteran or one of our country’s Active Duty Military, National Guard, or a Reserve member, get ready to save when you Cruise Like a Norwegian.

Is NCL free at sea really free?

Some of Norwegian Cruise Line’s Free at Sea perks are truly “free” while some are not. In terms of the Free Open Bar, guests will still need to pay gratuity on this “free” perk. The 20% service charge for a 7-day cruise will cost each guest $138.60 for the Premium Beverage package.

Is Norwegian Cruise Line in financial trouble?

Financial Impact

Norwegian Cruise Line ended September with a cash balance of $2.4 billion and total debt of $10.9 billion. … Norwegian is still burning $150 million to $175 million per month through at least April. The cruise line would burn at least $600 million to $750 million for the first four months of 2021.

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How can I save money on a Norwegian cruise?

  1. #4 Sail for Free. There is no better way to save money on a cruise than by sailing for free. …
  2. #5 Take Advantage of Cheap or Free Wi-Fi. Stay connected and share your trip memories with friends and family back home by finding cheap — or even free — Wi-Fi. …
  3. #6 Don’t Forget about Cruise Insurance.


Which cruise line offers the best military discount?

Wondering which cruise lines offer the best military discounts? Here are 8 cruise lines to check out.

  • Carnival. Military travelers on Carnival can snag a discount of $25 to $250 (up to 20% off) per person over regular rates. …
  • Royal Caribbean International. …
  • MSC. …
  • Disney. …
  • Norwegian & Holland America. …
  • Princess. …
  • Celebrity Cruises.


Which cruise lines offer military discounts?

Through Royal Caribbean’s Military Discounts program, active U.S. military personnel can book one stateroom at savings of up to 50 percent off published fares. Special rates are available for a limited time only on a wide variety of Royal Caribbean departures.

Can you refuse to pay gratuities on a cruise?

Q: Can you refuse to pay gratuities added to your bill? Yes, though cruise lines highly discourage it and will work with guests if they are not satisfied with the service on their voyage to adjust the fee to lesser gratuities if necessary.

Does NCL drink package include gratuity?

Premium Beverage Package (ages 21 & older)

Enjoy a wide selection of soft drinks, beers, spirits, cocktails, wines by the glass and bottled or draft beer up to and including $15 USD during your entire cruise. … A 20% gratuity and beverage service charge will be added at checkout.

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Is Viking cruises in financial trouble?

Viking Cruises Founder Loses 66% Of Wealth As Pandemic Hits Norway’s Richest.

Is NCLH a buy or sell?

(NCLH) – Zacks.

(Delayed Data from NYSE)

Zacks Rank Definition Annualized Return
1 Strong Buy 25.57%
2 Buy 19.14%
3 Hold 10.74%
4 Sell 6.46%

What Cruise Line has the most debt?

Norwegian Cruise had collected a total debt burden of $12.15 billion at the end of 2020. The company had reported $11.3 billion in debt at the end of Q3 2020. It went on to issue senior notes worth $850 million in December 2020.

How much cash should you bring on a cruise?

While some cruise lines include tips in your fare, on some lines it isn’t mandatory if you aren’t satisfied with their service. Generally though, most cruise lines where gratuities aren’t included, we suggest tipping $10 to $15 per day per passenger.

What to know before going on a Norwegian cruise?

Embarkation and Debarkation Tips

  • Take advantage of discounted shows on embarkation day. …
  • Figure out where everything is on the first day. …
  • Trace your Path, don’t get lost. …
  • Freestyle cruising. …
  • Breakfast options. …
  • Carry a reusable water bottle. …
  • Store your wine for later. …
  • Try Sheehan’s for late night snacks.

How much spending money do you need for a cruise?

What Is The Average Amount of Cash to Bring on a Cruise? On a cruise, most guests bring between $100-$120 in cash per day to be spent on transportation, tips, gifts, food, and shopping. In a survey of 850 cruisers, 71% stated that they took over $100 per person per day when cruising.

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