Quick Answer: What is Staples employee discount?

Staples Associate Rewards members receive a 10% off discount on all items, excluding taxes, postage, prepaid phone cards, delivery charges, gift cards and purchases made on third-party websites. Associate Rewards members also receive an additional 10% off discount on Staples Brand Products.

Who has the best employee discount?

10 Companies With Huge Employee Discounts

  • Gap Inc. Discount Details: Athleta, Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic employees receive a whopping 50 percent off on all store items. …
  • Apple. …
  • Whole Foods Market. …
  • Best Buy. …
  • Zappos. …
  • Barnes & Noble. …
  • The Container Store. …
  • Men’s Wearhouse.


What are staples work perks?

Personal Vacations. Air, Hotel & Car Rentals from Corporate Perks. Movie Tickets. Up to 35% Off at the Movies. New and Used Cars.

How do I get employee discounts?

3 Easy Ways to Offer Employees Discounts

  1. JOIN A CREDIT UNION. As bank fees reach record highs, most customers are paying fees for everything from maintaining a checking account to checking their balances. …
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How does employee discount work?

Employee discount program allows employees to go for an exclusive discount while they shop for products or services. The products may range from grocery items to movie tickets. Since these are exclusive discounts, the best part is that only the employees are eligible for these discounts.

Do Costco employees get a discount?

Does Costco Offer an Employee Discount? No, employees pay the same price as everyone else.

Does Target give employee discounts?

Target employees get 10% off anything in store or online.

One of the best Target employee benefits is getting 10% off anything in store as well as online. … The employee discount can be combined with other savings, like the 5% off with RedCard. If you’re looking for more ways to save, check out how to coupon at Target.

What is Staples dress code?

Policy is a provided staples polo, black slacks, and dark colored or black shoes.

How much do Staples sales associates make?

How much does a Sales Associate at Staples make? The typical Staples Sales Associate salary is $13. Sales Associate salaries at Staples can range from $11 – $17. This estimate is based upon 63 Staples Sales Associate salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

Do Staples employees get commission?

Associates do not make commission, so there is no incentive for selling plans and attachments. … UPDATE: A current Staples supervisor writes, “Employees make quarterly bonuses if they meet sales and margin goals for every period during a quarter, which are payed out as 10-20 cents per hour worked during that time.

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How can I get a discount on anything?

10 Ways to Get a Discount on Anything

  1. Find the store manager. …
  2. Ask the right question. …
  3. Offer to pay in cash. …
  4. Shop the less busy hours. …
  5. Click to comparison shop. …
  6. Skip the store, shop online. …
  7. Use secret online coupons. …
  8. Find the flaw.


What is a staff discount?

(stɑːf ˈdɪskaʊnt) noun. a discount off goods sold by a particular shop, given to members of staff of that shop.

Do Apple employees get free stuff?

Apple employees don’t get anything Apple free. They get a 25% discount on some purchases – like one Mac at 25% off. They also have a “Friends & Family” discount of 15%.

Does McDonalds give employees free food?

Originally Answered: Do McDonald’s workers take home free food? On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays McDonald’s employees (at least at my location) are given one free meal under $10 if they work that day, and if you get perfect attendance any given month, you receive a free meal every day that you work.

Are employee discounts considered benefits?

From an employee’s perspective, the value of the discounts provided to the employee’s friends will be treated as additional wages in which taxes on such benefits must be withheld from the employee’s paycheck; while the friends enjoy the fringe benefits without incurring any tax liability.

Why do companies offer discounts to employees?

For Direct Savings

So while the direct goal of offering employee perks and discounts is to support employees financially, so they have better work-life balance and lead healthy lives around wellness, it also means the company can take advantage of it’s own “perks” and save money in the process.

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