Quick Answer: What is the DJI student discount?

The DJI 10% Educational Discount Program is available to students, educators, and academic research staff with an approved academic email address. It provides an educational discount for DJI products at the DJI Online Store.

How much is DJI student discount?

College students can claim a 10% off on select items with a student discount from DJI. Apply for an education discount and receive a DJI discount code that can be applied at checkout.

Does DJI have student discount?

DJI offers a 10% off student discount for college students, educators, and academic research staff.

Does DJI have discounts?

For just $29 a year, you can save money on every purchase you make on DJI. You’ll get perks like: 5 DJI coupon codes for drone accessories. Up to 50% off insurance.

How do you get 5% off DJI?

If you’re thinking of shopping at DJI, sign up for the newsletter so you can receive your exclusive 5% off coupon. So if you’re in the market for a drone, check it out!

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Does DJI ever go on sale?

That’s why DJI always has a sale or promotion in time for holidays or seasons. These usually feature drones and combos at a lower price or even gifts with purchase, such as extra batteries and propellers, drone skins, and more!

How do you get the DJI student discount?

It provides an educational discount for DJI products at the DJI Online Store.

How to apply for the DJI 10% Educational Discount

  1. Fill out the online application form with your educational email address.
  2. After submission, you will receive a verification email to your educational email address.


Will there be a DJI Mavic mini 2?

Next DJI Mini could be under £250/$250

DJI released the Mini 2 drone in November 2020, just a year after the original Mavic Mini. … If you held out and were waiting for a Mini 3, it looks like you won’t have to wait until November 2021.

Is the DJI care refresh worth it?

DJI Care Refresh is a very fair and comprehensive care plan that is well worth the cost. Considering many drones cost around one thousand dollars, this plan is great value. … If you’re looking to purchase a DJI drone, we certainly think so and recommend this plan without hesitation.

Can you zoom with Mavic mini?

Mavic Mini is equipped with a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor with up to 12 million effective pixels. … Can Mavic Mini’s camera zoom? No.

Does DJI have a military discount?

No, DJI does not offer military discounts.

Does DJI charge sales tax?

DJI will not collect sales tax regardless of the state in which you live.

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Where is DJI based?

SHENZHEN, China (Reuters) – Chinese drone giant DJI Technology Co Ltd built up such a successful U.S. business over the past decade that it almost drove all competitors out of the market.

How often does DJI have a sale?

DJI has two major sales events each year. The first is during the spring, usually in April. It lasts approximately one week. The second falls around Black Friday and Christmas.

What is the DJI birthday surprise?

You’ll get a 12% off coupon under “My Gift Cards and Coupons” on your Account page on the day that you set as your birthday when bought DJI Select. *The 12%-off coupon can be used to purchase consumer drones for a 14-days period.

How does DJI select work?

You just bought a DJI drone, Osmo or other product. Then, you’re offered membership into DJI’s club, DJI Select. It’s $49 a year, and it promises you VIP treatment like coupons, expedited repairs and even birthday gifts. But you have just two weeks after you bought your DJI gear to decide if you want to join the club.

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