What is coupon code in free fire?

How do I get my free Fire 2020 code for free?

How to Get Unlimited Redeem Code Free Fire?

  1. Visit the official website of Garena Free Fire Reward Page.
  2. log in to your account with the help of Facebook, Google, or other login tools.
  3. After that click on the Dashboard and tap on the Redeem Codes option.
  4. Enter your Active Redeem Codes (Redemption codes have 12 characters).

How do I get my free fire redeem code?

First of all visit the official website of Garena Free Fire Reward Page from here. Login to your account with the help of facebook, google or other login tools. After that click on the Dashboard (Three dot icon) and tab on Redeem Code option. Enter your Active Redeem Codes (Redemption code has 12 character).

How do you get 1000 diamonds on free fire?

  1. Download Google Opinion Reward Application.
  2. Get Survey And Complete.
  3. Win Rewards From Google Play Opinion.
  4. Collect Money For Free Top Up.
  5. Go To Your Garena Free Fire Game.
  6. Select Diamonds Top-up.
  7. Use Your Opinion Rewards Balance For TopUp.
  8. Finally, You Get Free Diamonds In Your Free Fire Account.
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What is free fire code Nov 2020?

Free Fire Codes For November 2020 –


How do you get 25000 diamonds in a free fire?

Steps on how to get 25000 Diamonds in Free Fire

  1. Go to a website that generates currency, like this one.
  2. Enter your Free Fire username as prompted.
  3. Select your platform (iOS / Android )
  4. Enter the number of Diamonds or Coins you need.
  5. Click on “Generate”
  6. Complete the following verification prompt to ensure you are human.


Who is the king of free fire?

Gaming Tamizan (GT King) is the King of Free Fire in India. His real name is Ravinchandra Vigneshwar and he hails from Tamil Nadu.

How can I get redeem code?

Following are easy steps to get free Google Play codes by Completing Offers, Spin Wheel, Daily Logins as well as Referring to your friends.

  1. Earn Points. Earn points by completing offers, referring friends, daily bonuses, and many more on GPlayReward.
  2. Use OfferWalls. …
  3. Spin & Win. …
  4. Daily Login. …
  5. Refer and Earn. …
  6. Redeem Points.

Can I get free diamonds in free fire?

Diamonds are the in-game currency of Free Fire, and they are utilized for various purposes. Gamers can purchase a vast assortment of exclusive in-game items using them. However, diamonds aren’t free, and to acquire the currency; players are required to shell out real money.

How do you get free diamonds on Free Fire 2020?

Google Opinion Rewards

Follow the steps given below to obtain diamonds in Free Fire. Step 1: Download Google Opinion Rewards from the Play Store if you haven’t done it already. Step 2: Players would have to answer basic questions to begin. Step 3: The users will receive the studies which they are required to answer.

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Which app is best for free Fire diamond?

Poll Pay

Poll Pay is a GTP (Get to Paid) app that is used by millions of users. It is the best cash app to earn real money rewards and free fire diamonds for free. The users just need to complete short surveys and simple polls and earn money or free diamonds.

How do you get a new gloo wall in a free fire?

However, currently, there is no Gloo Wall skin available for players to buy in-game. They can only be bought from special time-limited crates and bundles that are instated in Free Fire from time to time.

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