You asked: Does Sitka give discounts?

EuroOptic offers special pricing for military, EMS, law enforcement, and firefighters. You’ll need to email proof of military credentials to EuroOptic’s customer service department to qualify. Discounts are applied on an item-by-item basis. Some sale and discontinued items may not qualify for an additional discount.

Does Sitka offer a discount?

Kuiu and Sitka also offer discounts for Vets, military and first responders. Sitka requires the Leoadventures verification for the 40% discount.

Does Sitka gear ever go on sale?

Senior Member. February, as in right NOW, is when Sitka is on sale. Pretty much it for sales on Sitka.

Are Sitka clothes worth the money?

It may be a little more expensive but it’s definitely worth it, the camo pattern on the sitka gear is so much more advanced that the KUIU. Plus in my opinion, Sitka is way more durable, comfortable, and warm.

Is Sitka overpriced?

sitka is expensive for hunting clothing but not really expensive when compared to mountaineering clothing. I have a Mountain Hardware dwr treated climbing jacket that was $280 – its basically the same as the sitka 90% jacket, material and all.

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Who qualifies for Sitka discount?

If you are a full time, licensed Outfitter or Guide, you may qualify. Required Documentation, without exception (please remove all sensitive personal information). Tax Documentation (1099, W2). Note: Guide licenses, letters of employment, Merchant Mariner credentials, and business cards are not accepted.

Is Sitka better than KUIU?

Generally speaking, there’s a slight difference in what those two focus on. Sitka definitely feels more durable – especially their mountain pants or merino shirts. You won’t see fraying which is why a lot of their crews/shirts like this one are so popular.

How do I get 40% off Sitka?

Discount is from the sitka website if its on the website you get the discount. log in through there will be a spot to log on to sitka they give you a code their.

Does Sitka have Black Friday deals?

SITKA GEAR Black Friday Sale

You’ll find a huge line-up of products on sale that are discounted around 20%. … Sitka Fanatic Pack – $159.20.

Does Sitka go on sale on Black Friday?

Save 20% on select Sitka hunting and everyday gear Black Friday through December 2nd, 2020!

What Sitka gear should I buy?

Recommended Gear:

Jetstream Vest (windstopper) or Kelvin Vest (insulation) 90% Jacket (warmer weather) or Stratus Jacket (colder weather) Traverse Gloves or Stratus Gloves. Traverse Beanie or Stratus Beanie (for colder weather)

Is Sitka a good brand?

The Sitka pieces I wear hunting have been some of the best-performing clothes I’ve ever used in the outdoors, full stop. … I’ve found the fabrics Sitka uses to be incredibly durable, and I love that the company sweats the small details, like how loud a fabric is, so you can be as quiet as possible while stalking game.

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Is Sitka gear made in China?

Is Sitka gear made in USA? NOT tying to start a debate, just want to know where they are manufactured. Nope. China.

Is Sitka worth visiting?

Although Sitka may not be the first city in Alaska on a travelers’ mind, it is truly a jewel. It offers stunning national parks, an eclectic history, and plenty of activities that will maximize your experience of the stunning landscape and terrain.

How do you wash Sitka clothes?

In general washing your gear under a Normal setting with warm water and a hunting-specific detergent will remove most dirt and blood stains. We recommend a second rinse cycle. Wash with like colors. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners and do not dry clean.

Is Sitka better than first lite?

Sitka vs.

Warmth: This is the biggest difference between the two brands. Sitka Gear is heavier & warmer, while First Lite is lightweight and built with mobility in mind. Sitka is better as cold-weather gear, First Lite is better if you need something lightweight with mobility.

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