You asked: What is CDI discount?

…”there is a CDI (Certain Designated Individual) program, which allows an employee to give out ONE control number to someone. They can use that number to purchase a vehicle at the employee purchase price. There is a $200 program fee added to this but the discount is slightly better than the Friends program.”

What is the Chrysler employee discount amount?

What does it include? The FCA US Employee Advantage gives participants a 5% discount below the factory invoice price. You may also receive a friends and family discount, which gives a 1% discount below the factory discount.

Who qualifies for Chrysler employee discount?

Basically, eligible employees include anyone who is a current regular employee, anyone who has been laid off, or those on-roll in any US-based FCA company. If someone worked for FCA and is now retired (including the former Chrysler Group), they may also qualify if they have sponsored pension benefits.

How do I get my Dodge employee discount?

To get started, simply log into the Employee Advantage website at Here you can receive your control number to use for your discounted purchase. You’re also able to register eligible family members to use your discount.

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How do FCA employees get discounts?

The first step is to log in to the Employee Advantage website at This is the website where you will get your control number for your discount purchase. It also gives you the chance to register any eligible family members.

How much is factory invoice below MSRP?

The total invoice cost on a vehicle typically ranges from several hundred to several thousand below its sticker price. For example, a midrange 2018 Honda CR-V with a $30,000 sticker price may have an invoice that’s around 7 percent lower, or about $27,900.

What is the factory invoice price?

The factory invoice is the total cost to the dealer for a vehicle. This price is the sum of the base invoice or cost for the base model of the car, plus the cost of options, destination fees and manufacturer fees.

How do you qualify for Chrysler employee pricing?

If you’re an actual employee of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (or are an FCA retiree/family member), you’ll have to go through a special program called Employee Advantage. You’ll enter your identification number to register on the program website to create an offer number that can be redeemed at a dealership.

Do dealership employees get discounts?

Most manufacturers, including GM, Nissan, Toyota and Chevrolet provide discounts on cars to current employees and retirees, and though the programs vary, they often reduce transaction costs to near or below the price on the invoice sent to the dealer.

How much is Friends and Family discount Chrysler?

The Friends and Family discount provides customers with a 1 percent discount below the dealer invoice; depending on the price of the vehicle this is a discount greater than $200.

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What is tread lightly discount?

What is Tread Lightly Discount? ( from JLWF) The Tread Lightly Discount / The Affiliate Rewards Program guarantees a buyer preferred pricing — the purchase or lease of a participating Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, Dodge, SRT, and Fiat vehicle at 1% below factory invoice price.

What dodges military discount?

HOW MUCH IS THE MILITARY DISCOUNT ON A DODGE BRAND VEHICLE? As part of the Military Incentive Program, qualified customers are eligible to receive $500 Military Bonus Cash( Disclosure2) to be used toward the purchase or lease of eligible vehicles.

Does Dodge have a student discount?

Dodge Student Discount is offered by Dodge for reducing the stress of students. Discount is usually about 20% when you place your order online.

What does FCA stand for?


Acronym Definition
FCA Financial Conduct Authority (UK)
FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (Italy and US)
FCA Formal Concept Analysis
FCA Fellowship of Christian Athletes

How much do Ford employees get discounted?

The X plan program does not have an expiration date. The Ford X plan price for a vehicle is the dealer invoice minus 0.4% dealer invoice plus an administration fee of $275. All Ford vehicles are eligible for Ford Motor Company employee and family discount programs.

What is Jeep employee discount?

Employee Advantage Program

How much under invoice? The discount is up to 5 percent off the factory invoice price, depending on the vehicle. Each employee or retiree can unlock the family discounts for as many as six vehicles each year.

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