Your question: How many free samples can I get at Sephora?

Each time you order online at Sephora, you’ll also get free beauty samples. You can pick two free samples each time you order, which may include fragrance, skincare, and/or makeup items. Sometimes, during certain promotional events, you can get even more free samples.

How many samples can you get at Sephora?

Did ya know? You can get free Sephora samples of pretty much any product in store (even perfume and eye cream!). In fact, you can request up to three Sephora samples per ‘world’ — think fragrance, skin care, and color.

Can you get free samples at Sephora without buying anything?

You don’t have to make a purchase to receive a free sample.

Just ask any Sephora employee for a sample, and they should assist you.

Can you still get samples at Sephora?

Similarly, Sephora has adopted a no-touch policy. “Customers will no longer be able to pick up and touch testers or apply product to themselves,” Annie Lawless, the founder and CEO of Lawless Beauty, tells Allure. (Sephora is the brand’s exclusive retailer.)

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Can I use more than one promo code on Sephora?

Sephora is only able to process one promotion code per order. You may place three different orders to redeem your codes.

What should you not buy at Sephora?

Here are the top four products former Sephora employees recommend you do not buy from the store.

  • Travel-sized products. Emily Cox/Flickr Creative Commons. …
  • Sunscreen and moisturizer. Kylie Aquino/Flickr. …
  • Mascara. Shutterstock. …
  • Makeup brushes. Dexailo/Shutterstock.


What companies send free samples?

Part Three: 8 Companies that send free product samples

  • Olay. Veteran cosmetic company, Olay (formerly Oil Of Ulay) is known for its generosity when it comes to free samples. …
  • Kotex. …
  • Gillette. …
  • Proctor & Gamble. …
  • Betty Crocker. …
  • Allure. …
  • Yogi Tea. …
  • Sephora.


How can I get free makeup samples in the mail?

There are two ways to get free makeup samples in the mail. One way is to become a product tester by trying out products and giving companies your honest review in return.

Become a makeup and beauty product tester

  1. Influenster.
  2. PINCHme.
  3. Vogue Insiders.
  4. InStyle.
  5. BzzAgent.
  6. L’Oreal Consumer Participation Program.
  7. Toluna.


How do you get free stuff from Sephora?

Join the Sephora Beauty Insider program if you haven’t already. Those points add up, and you get free products on your birthday. With every online order of $25 or more, Sephora gives you three free samples. Plus they have codes for bonus products with every $25+ purchase.

Is free samples by mail legit?

These are legitimate free samples and there aren’t any lengthy surveys you have to go through to get them. They only take a few minutes to submit your mailing information.

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Does Ulta give 2020 samples?

Both Sephora and Ulta Beauty already pop product samples into bags at checkout and will continue to offer that perk.

Is PINCHme legit?

Pinchme is 100% legit. It took about four months to get my items but it was worth the wait. They offer a variety of samples. The site is easy to use.

How can I get free makeup boxes?

Looking for a free monthly box filled with beauty, grooming, and personal hygiene goodies that you can try at no cost? If so then these free beauty box samples are exactly what you need!

Best Free Beauty Box Samples

  1. Harry’s. …
  2. Scent Trunk. …
  3. Dollar Shave Club. …
  4. LOLA (free box coupon expired) …
  5. Walmart Beauty Box.

How many promo codes can I use for Sephora?

Search for Sephora Promo Codes on

(Promo codes are only good for online purchases, and you can only use one code per purchase.)

What is the Sephora employee discount?

Store policies vary, but most employees enjoy a 20 percent discount for in-store and online products. During the winter holidays, this discount increases to 30 percent, and products from Sephora’s own collection are always available for a 40 percent discount.

Can you stack coupons on Sephora?

You Can Now Stack Sephora Coupons at Checkout.

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