Your question: How much is stone glacier military discount?

How much is the stone glacier military discount?

You can enjoy extra 10% military discount when shopping, and add it to other discounts can help you get big savings. Usually, Stone Glacier put it at the bottom of the official website homepage, so enroll and find it. You can also ask help for customer service.

What is EXO Mountain Gear military discount?

Exo did the same thing by the way. 10% off for vets.

Does kifaru offer a military discount?

Yes, in thanks to the soldiers for their contribution, Kifaru offers this special discount for all active duty military members, reserves, retirees and veterans. … And Kifaru is proud to offer extra discount to active military personnel and veterans.

Where is Stone glacier located?

Not only do we manufacture our products in the United States but where applicable we also use materials and components that are Made in the USA. Our Head Quarters shop is located in Bozeman, MT where all Stone Glacier products are assembled, inspected, packaged and shipped by Stone Glacier employees.

Does Stone Glacier have a military discount?

The Stone Glacier Pro Program is a membership program for qualified Guides & Outfitters, LEO, Military (US Armed Forces, Firefighters, and First Responders), Nonprofit, and Industry individuals. … Active duty military can send in a photo of their CAC card or e-mail us from their .

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Does KUIU have a guide program?

DOES KUIU HAVE A GUIDE & OUTFITTER PROGRAM? Yes, please email us at for more information.

Are exo packs waterproof?

The K3 Dry Bag can also be run in the load shelf between the pack and frame, extending the gear-hauling capacity of any of our pack systems. Best of all, the K3 Dry Bags are truly waterproof, offering ultimate protection when it matters most.

Does meopta offer a military discount?

Meopta offers a YUGE discount for military.

Does Sitka offer military discount?

SITKA Gear does not offer a military discount, customer service representatives told us. However, SITKA Gear hunting apparel is available at third-party sporting goods and outdoor equipment retailers that do have military discounts available.

What is the first lite military discount?

It allows you to get 40% off Vortex products and 30% off First Lite products. The last site I know about is Leoadventures (all government workers qualify).

Are stone glacier packs waterproof?

The Stone Glacier Rain Cover provides complete weather protection in wet climates. Using silicone impregnated 30D nylon and seamless construction, the Pack Cover provides 100% waterproof coverage for your pack.

Are stone glacier packs made in the USA?

Stone Glacier backpacks and backpack accessories are proudly Made in the USA. Not only are the products manufactured in the USA, but all USA produced fabrics and hardware are used where available.

Who owns Stone Glacier?

“My best day in the field would have to be sheep hunting in the alpine,” says Stone Glacier founder and owner Kurt Racicot.

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