Best answer: What is Asda colleague discount?

However, according to a staff survey this summer, the most valued benefit among staff is the 10% discount offered to all employees on all food and generalist goods sold in Asda stores. … On top of the 10% staff discount, the retailer offers a wide range of voluntary perks, all detailed in a pocket-sized benefits booklet.

How much is Asda colleague discount?

Alongside a competitive salary, you’ll get lots of other great benefits too, including 10% off your Asda shopping, a pension scheme, bonus scheme and discounts across a range of services and activities, from airport parking to theme parks and cinema tickets.

Where can I use my Asda colleague discount card?

Yes, you can use your colleague discount on

Here’s how:

  • Go to and log in.
  • On the payment page, select Pay with an eVoucher.
  • Add the code ASDA.
  • Enter your Walmart number and Discount Card number and submit your details.
  • Tick Save my details.
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Do Asda colleagues get discount on home shopping?

Eligible colleagues are able to obtain discount in any Asda store across the UK and any Wal-Mart store globally which operates the Discount Card system. It is intended to save money on the household shopping for you and any members of your immediate family who live with you.

Do Asda staff get alcohol discounts?

Beers, wines and spirits are not included in the 20% discount for Asda colleagues in Scotland. Instead, they will be offered a double discount on food items.

Do Morrisons staff discount?

Our colleagues ‘Make Morrisons’. They are the life and soul of our business. … We’ll give you a discount card so you can enjoy 15% off your shopping at Morrisons, with no cap on savings.

How much is Tesco colleague discount?

You’ll get your Colleague Clubcard giving you 10% off Tesco groceries, 20% off F&F clothing, 25% off Tesco Café, 10% off Tesco Mobile and 20% off car, home and pet insurances with Tesco Bank!

How do you get colleague discount on Asda Tyres?

Asda no longer do random tyre discounts. The procedure is to call them on 08009520395 (Asda Tyres), give them the 140xxxxxxx Asda staff no. then the four digit store code, and they will activate that staff no. as the discount code when you order tyres online..

How long do you have to work at Asda to get staff discount?

This applies particularly to its bonus schemes. All staff are eligible for the annual bonus if they have worked for Asda for six months, or three months if they are salaried staff.

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Can I use my ASDA discount card on petrol?

Allstar’s Supermarket+ Fuel Card can be used at ASDA, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, and Tesco fuel stations. Alongside these stations, you can also use this card to top up at 1,500 Discount Diesel sites across the UK, for additional savings (that’s over 3,000 stations total).

Is there an Asda loyalty card?

ASDA is looking to launch its very first loyalty card in its 72-year history allowing customers to save money on groceries. … “Other supermarket giants have loyalty card schemes and it allows shoppers to rack up savings throughout the year.

How do I access my Asda payslip?

How can I access my Payslip? You’ll find a link to this at the top of your homepage or go to Me & My Team > My Pay, Benefits and Recognition. For hourly colleagues this is called Payslips (Hourly).

How do you use George points?

How do I use my reward points? You use your points to unlock offers. Each offer has an expiry date, so you have until 24 hours after this date to place your order before the promotion ends. If you decide not to use the offer, the points used to unlock it will be refunded.

Does Morrisons staff discount include alcohol?

The discount is not valid on fuel, spirits (England), all alcohol (Scotland and Wales), tobacco, lottery products, gift vouchers and cards, infant/formula milk, cash-back, dry cleaning, fireworks, online games and instant tickets, photo printing, saver stamps, postage stamps, ‘Top-Up’ mobile phone cards, garden centre …

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Does Sainsburys staff discount work on alcohol?

Sainsbury’s employee discount only really applies to none temporary staff, after you pass your probation. 10% off all items (excludes beers, wines, spirits etc.) There is no discount for the Retail staff.

Are Asda good to work for?

Although Asda pays most staff less than £9,000 a year, it was rated the best UK company to work for, despite other companies paying their staff five times more.

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