Can you get discount at Centre Parcs?

Center Parcs rarely does discount codes. However, it does offer deals – prices come down within roughly eight weeks of travel.

Do Center Parcs reduce prices?

“Center Parcs will be reducing prices in recognition of the change in VAT, for both new short break bookings (new bookings from 15 July 2020 – 12 January 2021 for arrivals between those same dates) and applicable restaurant prices.

Do Center Parcs do NHS discount?

Does Center Parcs Do NHS Discount? Yes. Currently NHS staff are entitled to 50% off most products with Center Parcs NHS Discount.

Which Centre Parcs is the cheapest?

In our review of pricing above, Sherwood Fores is your cheapest Center Parcs resort. It ties with Elveden Forest. This may be because the base lodges at Sherwood Forest can be worn, but the facilities here are excellent making this Center Parc a great choice.

What is the Centre Parcs return discount?

When booking your next break, select the Come Back Soon offer, enter your previous booking reference and we will apply a €50 discount directly to your next break with us.

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Do Center Parcs provide toilet roll?

Centre Parcs also provide a very small amount of soap, shampoo and toilet rolls, so make sure you take what you need to last the whole time you are staying there.

How can I get cheap holidays at Center Parcs?

At Center Parcs, economies of scale usually apply. As a rule of thumb, the larger the group, the cheaper the accommodation per person. If you can go with friends or family, you can slash the cost. MoneySavers suggest booking a two-storey lodge if two families are going, so you can have a level each.

Is Centre Parcs worth the money?

If you have decided to take a look at a Center Parcs but wondering which location you should choose, we have a great breakdown that can help you decide which is the best location for you. We definitely feel Center Parcs is worth it and have suggested to many friends and family to go and try it and see for themselves.

Do Forest Holidays do NHS discount?

Giving something back to the NHS and healthcare workers

We all need something to look forward to and that’s why we are offering free breaks to those who have worked tirelessly during the pandemic.

Can I use Tesco vouchers in Centre Parcs?

*Terms and Conditions. Clubcard Boost tokens can only be used as payment for accommodation at Center Parcs, Longford Forest. Clubcard vouchers or Clubcard Boost tokens cannot be used as payment for activities or any holiday extras at Center Parcs.

Can couples go to Centre Parcs?

Make memories that last a lifetime on a couple’s getaway or romantic break. Whether you want to relax at Aqua Sana Spa, stargaze in a private outdoor hot tub or take a stroll in acres of woodland, Center Parcs is the ideal place for you to spend time with your loved one for a weekend escape.

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Can you leave Centre Parcs during your stay?

You can leave Center Parcs during your stay for any reason, there is a free come and go policy for all guests. The only restrictions in place are that vehicle is not allowed in the main village areas or to your lodge. Cars must remain in the car park when returning from your outing.

How much is cycle hire at Centre Parcs?

Take your own bike

Center Parcs villages are tarmacced and largely car free – so the best way to get around is by bike. Hiring a bike add to your costs. Adult bikes start at £19.50 for 24 hours, and children’s at £14.50. For a family of four, that’s £68 for a day’s pedalling.

Are Centre Parcs giving refunds?

Book and Stay with Confidence

Our simple guarantee gives you peace of mind, with no quibble date moves or refunds within eleven weeks of your arrival date.

Can I take an extra person to Centre Parcs?

Yes they can stay, your lodge accommodates 8 people. Just add on your booking. We’ve stayed many times at centre Parcs and have done this with no problem. … if you have booked a 4 bed lodge for only 2 adults and an infant just add them onto your booking for no extra charge.

Are Centre Parcs taking bookings for 2021?

Bookings now available until April 2022 | Center Parcs.

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