Do SeaWorld employees get free tickets?

Yes, they provided great service. Free 1-day tickets; Discounted passes to both SeaWorld and Aquatica; etc. … In your 3rd season/year, you get 2 passes that give free admission and the same 30% food and merchandise discount as an employee ID. 4 passes if you are a full time employee.

Who gets in free at SeaWorld?

Active duty, Reservists, and National Guardsman (and three direct dependents) can obtain one free admission to any of its amusements parks each year, including Busch Gardens. The military member does not need to be present for dependents to participate in the program.

Do SeaWorld employees get into Universal for free?

It’s a good company to work for. Take advantage of the team member events they have every month. Look into the different benefits they have for area attractions (AttractionShare) and within the company itself. SeaWorld team members also get into Universal for free (with some black-out dates).

Does SeaWorld have employee housing?

You can apply at the one that’s closest to you, or rent a place in SeaWorld Employee Housing. People from all over the world enjoy seasonal jobs in this unique environment every year, so don’t let distance stop you. Guests at SeaWorld ride roller coasters and other rides, take in shows and interact with animals.

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Does SeaWorld pay time and a half for holidays?

Does SeaWorld pay over time on holidays ? No they do not pay over time for holidays.

How bad is SeaWorld?

No two ways around it—SeaWorld is bad.

Employees drill out the inside of orcas’ worn and broken teeth. Often, they use no painkillers. … In late 2018, a PETA veterinarian observed dolphins at all three SeaWorld parks. She found animals with open wounds and extensive scarring on their faces and bodies.

Is SeaWorld good for 6 year olds?

Out of all the Orlando theme parks, SeaWorld Orlando is one of the most educational. Kids of all ages, but especially young children, can test their knowledge of aquatic life. They can also explore the exhibits and get up close and personal with baby dolphins, sea lions and stingrays.

Does SeaWorld pay overtime?

You get no hours (24 hours weekly max during high-season). When low-season hits you barely get any days scheduled to work (sometimes only 1 day a week). No overtime EVER.

Do Disney employees get free tickets?

Employees Get Free Disneyland Tickets — but There’s a Limit

One of the most well-known perks that comes with working at Disneyland is the free theme park admission. However, you can only bring three people in with you for free with each visit, and the number of free visits you earn depends on the hours you work there.

How much discount do SeaWorld employees get?

Yes. In your 3rd season/year, you get 2 passes that give free admission and the same 30% food and merchandise discount as an employee ID. 4 passes if you are a full time employee. You can get a few single day tickets and eventually get better pass benefits based on seniority.

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Is it easy to get a job at SeaWorld?

Getting a job at SeaWorld is as easy as can be – you won’t even have to leave your home! SeaWorld San Diego is committed to the health and safety of our guests and team members.

What should I wear to an interview at SeaWorld?

Interview tips at SeaWorld

  • Business casual (e.g. dress slacks)64%
  • Formal (business suit)13%
  • Casual (t-shirt and jeans)13%
  • They didn’t have a dress code7%
  • Special outfit (e.g. protective gear)3%

How much do SeaWorld trainers make?

The typical SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Animal Trainer salary is $28 per hour. Animal Trainer salaries at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment can range from $18 – $52 per hour.

What food can you take into SeaWorld?

15 answers. SeaWorld® Orlando does not have picnic facilities available inside and does not allow large coolers or food to be brought in from outside the park. However, plastic bottled water or small individual serving portion snacks are permitted. No glass, plastic straws or lids please!

How much is parking for SeaWorld?

How much is parking? SeaWorld Orlando offers general and preferred parking to our guests. General Parking starts at $25 and preferred parking starts at $30. Save money by purchasing your SeaWorld Orlando parking pass in advance here.

What 11 parks are included in SeaWorld platinum pass?

Platinum Passes include unlimited visits to Sesame Place, Busch Gardens (Williamsburg and Tampa), SeaWorld and Aquatica Parks (Orlando, San Antonio and San Diego), Water Country USA and Adventure Island through January 2, 2022.

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