Does Ruger have a law enforcement discount?

Members of the military can save on Ruger purchases by making an Individual Officer Purchase, or an IOP. This program is referred to as the Law Enforcement Program, but it is available to military members as well as law enforcement officers.

Do police carry Ruger?

The intent is that an officer will carry a Ruger P-Series pistol as a sidearm, and keep a Police Carbine available (for example, in the patrol vehicle) as a more offensive weapon if needed.

Ruger Police Carbine.

Ruger Pistol Carbine
Mass 7 lb (3.2 kg)
Length 34 in (860 mm)
Barrel length 16.24 in (412 mm)
Cartridge 9×19mm, .40 S&W

Does Ruger have any government contracts?

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR), the nation’s largest firearms manufacturer, is proud to announce that it has been awarded a contract for 5,000 9mm pistols by the U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, Rock Island Arsenal, IL.

What is the Sig Sauer law enforcement discount?

police one

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In order to qualify for this program you must have a customer account that has been verified as LEO. Click the link below to login and begin enjoying your discount! The 20% discount will be applied once you get to the checkout page*.

What is the best handgun for law enforcement?

Here are ten firearms for law enforcement that should be known by anyone looking to pursue a career in criminal justice.

  • Glock 19. Glock is an Austrian handgun manufacturer that prides itself on quality. …
  • Glock 22. …
  • Smith & Wesson M&P 9. …
  • Beretta Model 92. …
  • Sig Sauer P226. …
  • Heckler and Koch HK45. …
  • Ruger LC9. …
  • Colt M1911.

What gun do Navy SEALs carry?

SEALs use handguns such as the 9mm SIG Sauer P226 and the MK23 MOD 0 45-caliber offensive handgun with a suppressor and laser-aiming module. They use rifles such as the carbine automatic M4A1 5.56 mm and the AK-47.

What shotgun Do police use?

The 12 gauge is the most practical shotgun for police use; various actions, such as the slide-action, are acceptable. The article lists and describes available shotgun makes, including models made by Remington Arms, O.F. Mossberg and Sons, Smith and Wesson. It lists the sizes of buckshot available.

Does the military use Ruger?

Why Ruger Never Pitched the U.S. Military

As the company tells it, they didn’t – and the decision not to submit the American for military trials was a conscious decision.

Does the military use Ruger AR 556?

The SR-556 is a semiautomatic AR-15 style rifle manufactured by U.S. firearms company Sturm, Ruger & Co. The rifle was introduced in 2009 in 223 Remington/5.56×45mm NATO and as a . 308 Winchester AR-10 variant in 2013, the SR-762.

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Ruger SR-556
Sights Iron sights

Does Ruger make military weapons?

Ruger American Pistol:

The company designed and released the Ruger American Pistol to compete in the U.S. Army’s Modular Handgun System, a contract that would replace the U.S. Army—and later the entire U.S. military’s—arsenals of M9 Beretta handguns with a new, modern pistol.

What Sig Sauer does law enforcement use?

The state-of-the-art SIG SAUER P320 has quickly become one of the most sought after pistols on the market today. With unprecedented modularity, and unmatched capabilities, the P320 is the choice of the military and law enforcement across the globe.

Did Sig Sauer win the military contract?

The Army awarded Sig Sauer a contract worth up to $580 million in early 2017 to produce the M17 and M18 Modular Handgun System — a version of the P320 — to replace the service’s Cold War-era M9 9mm pistol.

Does Sig Sauer have a first responder discount?

Tactical Distributors- offers first responders a 10% discount online on all range gear, field gear, and tactical. … SIG SAUER is proud to offer discounts to US and Canadian Law Enforcement and Military members on a wide range of our most popular duty-style pistols and rifles.

The FBI Chooses the 9mm Bullet

  • In each of the three most common law enforcement handgun calibers (9mm Luger, . …
  • 9mm Luger now offers select projectiles that are, under identical testing conditions, outperforming most premium line .


What gun do police officers carry?

While the venerable . 45 ACP and the 9mm have their fans, these days, most law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, have chosen Glock pistols for their standard issue sidearms.

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What 9mm Do police use?

Federal Premium LE HST

A common choice for law enforcement agencies, this 9mm ammo has scored well in FBI and independent ballistic tests. The Federal HST LE bullet is designed to expand to create a large wound cavity.

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