Frequent question: Do any cell phone companies offer senior discounts?

Every major carrier — AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile — offers special deals for older subscribers, and some are better than others. Providers like Consumer Cellular and GreatCall are also worth a look for their senior-friendly phone selections and customizable plans (not everyone needs unlimited everything).

What is the least expensive cell phone plan for seniors?

Best unlimited data plan for seniors

T-Mobile has a fantastic offer for its senior customers (classified as 55 years and older). You can get two unlimited lines for just $55 a month ($27.50 each). This comes with unlimited data, calls, and texts with no speed restrictions, 3G mobile hotspot data and scam protection.

Which cell phone carrier has the best plan for seniors?

Top Cell Phone Plans for Seniors in 2021

  • T-Mobile : Best Unlimited Plan.
  • Lively : Best Senior-Specific Plans.
  • Republic Wireless : Best Features.
  • FreedomPop : Best No-Contract Plan.
  • AT&T : Best Features.
  • Verizon : Best Coverage.
  • Consumer Cellular : Most Affordable Plan.
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Does AT&T give senior discounts?

Does AT&T have a senior discount? Senior citizens can save by applying for the AT&T 55 plus plan or the AT&T Senior Nation 200 plan. If you’re an AARP member, you can get a 10% discount on any of AT&T’s cell phone plans.

Does Verizon give senior discounts on phones?

Verizon is currently offering the Unlimited 55 plus plan as a senior discount for its customers aged 55+. Also, Verizon Wireless has agreements with other companies to offers discounts and benefits for the employees of these companies.

Who has the cheapest phone plan for one person?

Cheap cell phone plans: summary

Plan Best for
Ting — Individual line, level Small People who want a prepaid plan with data
Republic Wireless 1GB plan People who want a prepaid plan with data
Sprint 6GB People who want a postpaid plan with data
U.S. Cellular Shared Connect (2GB) People who want a postpaid plan with data

Who has the worst cell phone coverage?

This Cellphone Carrier Has the Worst Network Quality, Customers…

  • T-Mobile: 863 out of 1,000 points.
  • Verizon: 838.
  • AT&T: 837.
  • Sprint: 808.

Is there a cell phone for seniors?

GreatCall Jitterbug Smartphone

With a sleek, modern design and a large touchscreen, it’s no wonder many seniors have this phone. It has an intuitive menu with large icons and font, as well as exclusive GreatCall features like an emergency button.

Does Straight Talk have a senior plan?

Currently, there’re no special Straight Talk plans for seniors, but if you want a cheap plan that works fine with a flip phone the $30 plan may be your choice. 1,500 minutes, unlimited texts plus 100MB of data. Get 50% more data with Auto-refill.

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Is it worth switching from Verizon to T-Mobile?

If you know you’ll use a lot of data and want higher speeds, switching to Verizon is probably a better bet. In most cases, Verizon is a better bet than T-Mobile. It has more reliable coverage and faster speeds, but if you’re on a budget, you can very possibly find a better deal with T-Mobile.

How can I get a better deal with AT&T?

If you’ve been with ATT for many years, you can just flat up ask to get a credit on your next statement for being a long-time customer. Always ask to see if they can increase it 50% from what they offer – they’ll just need to check their system to see if the increased amount is approved.

Does AT&T have cell phone plans for seniors?

AT&T Senior Nation for account holders 65 or older has 200 Anytime Minutes, Mobile to Mobile Minutes, and Nights and Weekends, without roaming and long distance charges.

What is the 30 dollar plan for AT&T?

Plan Details

The AT&T $30 Monthly Unlimited Prepaid Plan includes 30 days of Unlimited Nationwide calling, and Unlimited Nationwide Text, Picture, and Video Messaging, with first 5GB at high-speed. If you exceed your allotment of high-speed data, your data speed will be slowed until your next billing cycle.

Does Verizon have discounts for seniors?

With Verizon Wireless, seniors can save up to $50 per month when applying for the Verizon Unlimited 55+ plan. If you’re asking does Verizon have a senior discount program? The Verizon senior plan is a good deal for senior citizens who need an unlimited plan from a reliable cell phone network.

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How can I get a better deal from Verizon Wireless?

How to Get the Best Deal From Verizon Wireless

  1. Ask a Verizon representative if you’re entitled to a discount through your employer. …
  2. Take advantage of your military service by signing up for Verizon’s veterans discount. …
  3. Monitor your phone usage. …
  4. Join a family share plan. …
  5. Shop around for a new phone.

What phone does AARP recommend for seniors?

AARP Jitterbug Smartphone

The AARP website and the AARP magazine advertised the Jitterbug Touch as an easy-to-use smartphone for seniors also if you are a senior who is looking for a smartphone you should consider the Jitterbug Smart. Check out the Jitterbug Smart2 as an AARP recommended smartphone for seniors.

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