Frequent question: How do I get free tickets to Legoland Florida?

How much are tickets for Legoland Florida?

How Much Does a Legoland California Vacation Cost? A theme park dedicated to children 2-12 years old, Legoland California[1] is located in Carlsbad, north of San Diego. Typical costs: A one-day pass to Legoland costs $80 for an adult or $70 for a child 2-12 years old or seniors older than 60.

Does Legoland give discounts?

AAA Members: Discount valid on select hopper tickets. … Save when you book the AAA rate at LEGOLAND Hotel HERE Discount varies seasonally.

What ages are free at Legoland Florida?

Children aged 2 and under will not be charged a ticket for entry into LEGOLAND California. A child aged 3 years or over will need to purchase a ticket for entry.

Does Legoland have senior discounts?

There are no senior citizen discounts.

Is Legoland cheaper than Disneyland?

And both cost about the same (around $100 for each grownup for the day). Still, after a recent weekend visit with R to Legoland, I believe Legoland is better for young kids. Here are five reasons why. Technically, the Disneyland Resort is only slightly larger than Legoland—160 acres to 128 acres.

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Is Legoland Florida worth it?

With mega-theme parks like Disney World and Universal Orlando nearby, we get accustomed to the best-of-the-best when it comes to theming, rides and entertainment on a family vacation. So if you want my short answer, then yes… Legoland is totally worth it.

How can I get into Legoland for free?

Kids ages 3 through `12 can get free admission to the LEGOLAND California Resort, LEGOLAND Florida Resort, LEGOLAND Discovery Centers and more. Yep, with one paid adult ticket, you score a free one for your kiddo. And this awesome offer applies to Hopper passes too.

How do I get a promo code for Legoland tickets?

If the coupon/code is valid, please enter the promotional code (sometimes referred to as Reference Code), into the promotional code section. To do this, click on the promotional code tab and enter the code into the box. This will bring up the ticket which is compatible with the Promotion.

How can I get a discount at Legoland?

Let’s now walk through the various ways to find tickets discounts.

  1. Direct Promotions Through LEGOLAND. …
  2. 1-Day, 2-Day, and Combo Ticket Discounts. …
  3. LEGOLAND Florida Vacation Packages. …
  4. Go Orlando Pass. …
  5. AAA Discount Tickets. …
  6. LEGOLAND Military Discounts. …
  7. Honest Kids Free Child LEGOLAND Florida Tickets. …
  8. Costco Ticket Discounts.


What is the best age for Legoland Florida?

The park is geared for children between the ages of 2 – 12, however, older LEGO® fans may also enjoy the park. If your child is looking for thrill rides, then our park may not be suitable for them.

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What age is best for Legoland?

Best Age for LEGOLAND – 10 – 12 Years:

It makes them feel very grown-up. Water Parks: I don’t know a pre-teen who doesn’t LOVE a water park.

How do you get 2 for 1 tickets to Legoland?

LEGOLAND Windsor; 2 for 1 Voucher

If you travel by train you can download a 2 for 1 voucher for LEGOLAND Windsor that can offer you value for money. You will need to present valid train tickets, your downloaded voucher and pre-booked tickets to gain 1 free entry to the park.

How much is Legoland hotel overnight?

LEGOLAND California Resort And Castle Hotel $240 ($̶6̶7̶9̶). Carlsbad Hotel Deals & Reviews – KAYAK.

Which is better Legoland castle or resort hotel?

Both hotels are an impressive sight right from the get-go; the Legoland Resort Hotel with its mighty entrance guarded by a giant green Lego dragon and the Castle Hotel with its regal turrets. The Resort Hotel has a range of themed and premium rooms to stay in: Adventure, Kingdom or Pirate-themed.

How much does a ticket cost to go to Disneyland?

The current cost of a 4-day, 1- park-per-day ticket is $340 per adult ticket. (At Disneyland, everyone age 10 or older pays adult prices.) That breaks down to $85 per park day, a significant savings over buying a single-day ticket.

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