How can I get discount in KUIU?

How do I get KUIU discounts?

Hunt Great Discounts During these KUIU Sales

  1. Keep an Eye Out for Clearance Sales. KUIU outlets often have clearance sales going on their platform. …
  2. Summer Sales are Guaranteed Savings. …
  3. Biggest Sale of the Year Need No Introductions. …
  4. Seasonal Changes Bring in Discounts.

Does KUIU ever go on sale?

Senior Member. Kuiu typically has a Father’s Day sale of around 15% off. They also do another 15% around Labor Day. Their biggest sale is around Black Friday.

Does KUIU have a guide discount?

Professional product discount for all licensed Outfitters and Guides.

What does KUIU give you for your birthday?

Earn 1,000 points and you will receive a $50 KUIU Rewards. Celebrate your birthday with a Just for You discount. Receive a special gift with a purchase when you earn your first 350 reward points.

Is KUIU better than Sitka?

Kuiu stuff always seems to favor breathability and weight over features, although they’ve branched out much more from where they started. Sitka seems to always be marketed as and in my experience more durable, but heavier.

Does KUIU have dealers?

Re: Kuiu dealers ? No retailers for Kuiu. On line or the Kuiu store in California.

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How is KUIU pronounced?

An ex-football player who’s still got the shoulders, Hairston is man behind Kuiu (it’s pronounced “koo-yoo”), a company that sells high-end ultra-lightweight hunting gear.

Does KUIU run small?

All of Kuiu upper body stuff runs small.

Who owns KUIU now?

Kuiu is an American hunting gear and apparel brand using direct-to-consumer method. It was founded by Jason Hairston in 2011. In 2017, San Francisco-based Main Post Partners invested $50 million in the company.

How much is first lite military discount?

It allows you to get 40% off Vortex products and 30% off First Lite products. The last site I know about is Leoadventures (all government workers qualify). This site requires a $25 annual fee for the verification process.

Is KUIU a Guidefitter?

Kuiu is actually no longer on the Grid. They have decided to go their own route with that here a year or so ago now. As far as Crispi, they only have their pro-progam open to Guides/Outfitters right now. Currently this is what they are comfortable with, but we are always working with those guys to open this up!

Does Kryptek do military discount?

Yes, Kryptek offers discounts to active duty military members and veterans.

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