How do I use partner discount on Starbucks app?

Enter your 16-digit Partner Card number and 8-digit security code. You will now be able to see the Partner Card image on your smartphone and on the website. Use your Card image and barcode on the Starbucks Card app to pay for items, obtain your markout and discount and earn Stars and rewards in the MSR program.

Can you use your Starbucks discount on the app?

Register your partner card for My Starbucks Rewards: New partners can register their digital card for MSR benefits and will not be required to load any money to do so. … Use your plastic card or the Starbucks App to pay for items, obtain your markout, discount, and earn Stars and rewards in the MSR program.

How do I enter my partner number on the Starbucks app?

Indicate you are a partner by entering your partner number when prompted. Click on the add a card link. Enter your 16-digit card number and 8-digit pin. Use your plastic card or Starbucks App to pay for items, get your partner markout and discount, and earn Stars and rewards.

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Can Starbucks partners use the app?

You can take your Partner card digital by using the Starbucks app.

Can you reload less than $10 on Starbucks app?

The app only allows a minimum of $10 and I hate it. Not on the app, but in store you’re allowed to reload a minimum of $5.

Do Starbucks employees get free drinks?

Partners are eligible to receive a free pound of coffee or box of tea every week. Partners receive a 30% discount on purchases of beverages, merchandise and food.

How do I get mobile partner discount?

Thanks! Go on a browser and log into your Starbucks rewards account. In the settings there’s a section for your partner number. After you enter it you’ll be good to go.

How do I request time off from Starbucks partner hub?

Go to team works, click the three lines in the top left (it will bring up a sidebar menu), click My Time Off, then hit the green button near the top left that says Request Time Off.

Are Starbucks tips taxed?

As a general rule, the amount of tips is not specifically reported to Starbucks by the employees. That kind of pooled tipping practice is common at restaurants and bars. By law, all tips you receive – even those in a tip-sharing arrangement – are reportable as income and are subject to federal income tax.

How do you get Starbucks Teamworks?

Earlier this year, Starbucks rolled out a new scheduling app called Teamworks. Starbucks baristas can access their work schedules by downloading the Teamworks app to their personal devices. They also use Teamworks on company-owned devices at Starbucks locations when clocking in and out of shifts.

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Can I use my Starbucks partner discount in Mexico?


So, regarding your question the answer is probably yes. You may also have better luck if you have a plastic partner card rather than the card on your phone or just giving your number.

How do I find out my Starbucks benefits?

To learn more or enroll, go to Register for the benefit at To learn more, visit the Partner Hub Care@Work page.

How do I get Spotify Premium for my Starbucks partner?

How Do I Activate My Starbucks Partner Membership on Spotify?

  1. Go to Spotify’s Starbuck’s Partners page.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on the Get Premium button.
  4. Sign into your Spotify account.

What happens if I don’t reload my Starbucks card?

No, you do not have to reload your registered Starbucks Card through the mobile app or online at, However, if not digitally reloaded you will not be eligible for the one (1) Star per $1 digital reload benefit. Reloads in-store at the register will earn at a one (1) Star per $4 rate.

What is the minimum amount you can put on a Starbucks card?

There is a minimum amount that you may load on any Starbucks Card at any given time, and that amount is typically $5.

Why can’t I add money to my Starbucks card?

Check your billing information. … Check your credit card information. Make sure your credit card is current with a valid expiration date and you are entering in the correct security code. If you are entering all information correctly, contact your financial institution for additional assistance.

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