How do teachers get free books from Scholastic?

Kids choose books, and parents submit orders to you. Submit your class order to Scholastic and earn FREE Books and resources for your classroom. The Book Box arrives in your class.

How many free books do teachers get from Scholastic?

Free Books for Teachers

That can get you one or two new books, or even a set of 5 books. Plus, you earn points on all orders that can be stacked up and used to purchase even more books or on fun things for you classroom such as beautiful bins, prizes for your class and even electronics.

Do teachers get a Scholastic discount?

No, Scholastic does not offer teacher discounts.

How can teachers use Scholastic?

1. Go to and click CONNECT TO YOUR TEACHER. 2. Connect to your child’s teacher by entering their Class Code, or by searching for your child’s school by zip code or city/state.

Does Scholastic have free books?

SCHOLASTIC FREE BOOK OFFER FOR SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY® TERMS. … While supplies last, you will receive one book for each small business, up to two (2), that you list on the Redemption Card.

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Is Scholastic Books a good deal?

Scholastic book orders and book fairs are absolutely worth it, and placing book orders through Scholastic also earns points for your school which can be spent on more books and resources for classrooms or libraries.

Can parents order from Scholastic?

Scholastic Book Clubs has an online pop-up shop just for parents, shipped directly to your home, while still earning bonus points for your child’s class and teacher. Even better, orders of $25 or more qualify for free standard shipping.

Do teachers get free shipping Scholastic?

Scholastic Teacher Store Shopping Tips

Scholastic Teacher Express offers free shipping on all orders that are at least $50.

How many books do teachers earn from Scholastic?

This year, teachers can earn 10,000 bonus points and $30 to spend if they place a $300 order. This translates to almost $300 worth of free books and materials for your child’s classroom, and Scholastic also sends the teacher 10 free books.

Where can teachers order books?

If you’re looking for affordable, quality books for your classroom, here are a few places to look:

  • …
  • …
  • Half Price Books. …
  • Library Sales. …
  • Thrift sales and yard sales. …

Can I transfer my scholastic points to another teacher?

Simply call 1-877-BonusPoint (1-877-266-8776) with your Customer Number, your PIN Number, and the Customer Number of the teacher with whom you would like to share classroom Bonus Points. Customer Service Representative will adjust both accounts to reflect the transfer.

Does Scholastic have $1 books?

If your kid is school-age, you can get popular books for $1-$2 each using the Scholastic Book Club flyers.

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How do you refer a new teacher to Scholastic Book Clubs?

Be sure to write your name and 10-digit customer number in the spaces provided. Send home student flyers. Submit your class order. Your book box will be delivered to your classroom.

How can I get Scholastic for free?

If you would like to request a free trial of more than one product, please contact us directly at 1-800-387-1437 or email us at

Is Scholastic learn at home free?

– Teachers and families are finding free content for you to use at home. Scholastic is stepping up to offer free learn at home activities with day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking and growing. … Scholastic says this can provide kids with up to three hours worth of learning experiences a day.

Where can I get free children’s books?

Free hard copies of kids’ books

  • Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. The country singer started Imagination Library, a program that mails free books each month to kids ages 0–5. …
  • Little Free Libraries. …
  • Freecycle, Facebook, and Craigslist. …
  • Book exchanges and book banks. …
  • Libraries and bookmobiles.
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