How do you use Go Outdoors discount card online?

Can you use go outdoors gift card online?

Love2shop Vouchers are also accepted at over 20,000 other stores across the UK. Spend the vouchers in store only. Cannot be used online. These gift vouchers cannot be used outside of the UK.

How do I use my DofE go outdoors card online?

Just show your DofE Card at the checkout or input the online code and they will apply the total discount. The Go Outdoors Discount Card normally costs £5 per year but having a DofE Card means you do not need to buy one. Find your nearest GO Outdoors store here.

Has go outdoors got an app?

The new app allows you to simply show your iphone instead of your Discount Card when in store. … Many customers have asked us about the possibility of an Android version of this app, the Android version is in development and should launch in the coming months.

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Can you use someone else’s go outdoors card?

The discount card can be used by the person it’s registered too.

Are returns free to go outdoors?

For items that are faulty, we will offer you a full refund, repair or exchange within 28 days of purchase. Within 12 months of purchase, we will either seek to replace the product or repair it free of charge. At GO Outdoors we provide our customers with a range of technical products.

Do you have to be a member to shop at Go outdoors?

Do I need to register to shop online? No, you can shop at Go Outdoors without needing to register.

Does the DofE discount card expire?

When does the DofE discount with GO Outdoors, Blacks, Millets, Ultimate Outdoors and Tiso expire? The DofE Card and Digital DofE Card for DofE Adults and DofE participants expires 31 December 2021.

Where can I use my D of E discount card?

Your participant DofE Card and Digital DofE Card gives you a discount in five fantastic retailers, in-store and online. GO Outdoors, Blacks, Millets, Ultimate Outdoors and Tiso are all DofE Recommended Retailers of Expedition Kit and you and your family can use your card to save on everything you buy.

How do I get a go outdoors discount card?

  1. 2.1 Discount Cards can be purchased at any of the GO Outdoors stores or via the GO Outdoors website.
  2. 2.2 When you purchase your Discount Card, you will get access to the Discount Card price as well as exclusive offers and special promotions. …
  3. 2.3.
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What’s happening with go outdoors?

JD Sports, which owns Go Outdoors, has filed a notice of its intention to appoint administrators. This means the company has not officially entered administration. Go Outdoors, which sells camping equipment, bikes and clothes, was forced to close all its stores in March due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Is go outdoors in trouble?

Go Outdoors’ 2,400 staff have been handed a temporary reprieve, after the collapsed company was sold out of administration by professional services firm Deloitte. … This successful sale will provide Go Outdoors with an opportunity to restructure its business to secure its future for the long term.

Is go outdoors in administration?

Go Outdoors Bought Back from Administration by JD Sports in Pre-pack Deal. … A consideration of £56.5 million has been paid by JD Sports to reacquire Go Outdoors, with plans in place to see the employment of more than 2,000 staff of the business transferred alongside ownership of its assets.

Will go outdoors price match Amazon?

Price Match Plus is only available to GO Outdoors Discount Card holders. … Price Match Plus is only applicable against VAT registered business in the UK, including any UK websites but excluding auction sites, market stalls, private sales, liquidation sales, our own stores and websites or any typographical errors.

Do you have to renew go outdoors card?

Your GO Outdoors Discount Card will be valid for 1 Year from the date of purchase, and will need to be renewed for continuous use.

Does go outdoors give military discounts?

Save an Extra 10% off* the Discount Card price

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Eligible for Military Discount at GO Outdoors: Defence Discount Card Holders. Army. Navy.

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