How many pancakes do you get for free at IHOP?

Are IHOP pancakes free?

Normally customers could only get the free pancakes by dining at an IHOP restaurant, but this year, orders through the IHOP website or mobile app are eligible for the coupon offer. … The free pancakes cannot be redeemed at IHOP restaurants in New York or Washington, D.C., and participation and hours may vary by location.

How do I get unlimited pancakes at IHOP?

‘All You Can Eat’ Buttermilk Pancakes At IHOP With Breakfast Combo Purchase. IHOP is once again offering “All You Can Eat” Buttermilk Pancakes with the purchase of any qualifying breakfast combo for a limited time.

How many IHOP pancakes can you eat?

No human needs to eat, or would enjoy eating, more than five pancakes. IHOP has created a fairly enjoyable breakfast experience for patrons at any time of day or night. Its All You Can Eat promotion subverts this experience, taking the relaxed sense of joy and placing it in a pancake purgatory.

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What is a full stack of pancakes at IHOP?

At IHOP, the popular pancake chain that offers away a free short stack of pancakes on their National Pancake Day every year, a short stack is always a serving of three fluffy pancakes, while a full stack is five.

Who owns IHOP?

Dine Brands Global

Does IHOP have gluten free pancakes?

The entire gluten-friendly menu is now available at IHOP restaurants nationwide and for delivery near you. … Original Gluten-Friendly Pancakes: Four fluffy gluten-friendly pancakes topped with real whipped butter. Also available as a combo with a selection of eggs, bacon or sausage and hash browns.

What is the most pancakes eaten at IHOP?

IHOP på Twitter: “The world record for most pancakes eaten at one time is 113 in 8 min. Me: Challenge accepted.”

How much are unlimited pancakes at IHOP?

Prices start at $4.99 and may vary by location. Guests can complement their All You Can Eat Pancakes experience with a hot cup of International House Roast Coffee.

Does IHOP have pumpkin pancakes yet 2020?

Starting September 26, both pancake flavors will be available for a limited time at participating IHOP restaurants across the U.S.: Pumpkin Spice Pancakes – A perennial IHOP fan favorite, Pumpkin Spice Pancakes bring back memories of hot pumpkin pie baking in the oven.

What happens if you eat too many pancakes?

Pancakes and waffles are made from refined flour and topped with high-sugar syrups. They may promote insulin resistance and increase the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and other diseases.

Does IHOP have $5 meals?

IHOPPY® Hour – A $5 Menu by IHOP is Here for a Limited Time.

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How many Ihops are in the world?


The IHOP logo used since 2015
Trade name IHOP
Headquarters Glendale, California, U.S.
Number of locations 1,841 (December 31, 2019)
Areas served United States Canada Mexico Guatemala United Arab Emirates Kuwait Saudi Arabia Qatar Ecuador Pakistan Peru

15 most popular pancake recipes

  1. Easy pancakes. …
  2. American pancakes. …
  3. American blueberry pancakes. …
  4. Chocolate-stuffed pancakes with caramelised banana. …
  5. Fluffy American pancakes with cherry-berry syrup.
  6. Scotch pancakes. …
  7. Fluffy Japanese-style pancakes. …
  8. Banana pancakes.


Does IHOP still have chocolate chip pancakes?

We think chocolate is perfect any time of day. Four fluffy chocolate pancakes filled with chocolate chips, topped with a drizzle of chocolate syrup & more chocolate chips. Also available in buttermilk.

Does IHOP still have Grinch pancakes?

Sure to warm the hearts of guests of any age, the festive menu line-up is available only at IHOP restaurants now through December 31, 2018 and includes: Grinch’s Green Pancakes: Two Grinch green buttermilk pancakes topped with sweet cream cheese icing, red candy hearts, crowned with creamy, green whipped topping.

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