How much is AAA discount for Penske?

What are Penske rates?

Penske is considered one of the more budget-friendly options when it comes to renting a moving truck, with Penske rental truck prices ranging from about $130 to $1,200 a day depending on what size truck you need to rent and how far you need to take it.

Who is cheaper uhaul Penske or budget?

Penske’s prices are roughly on par with U-Haul and more expensive than Budget when it comes to long-distance moves. We do like that Penske includes unlimited miles for one-way moves, though, so you don’t have to worry about extra mileage charges.

Does Penske give AARP discounts?

AARP discounts

Unfortunately, no other large moving truck companies—Penske and U-Haul—or self-storage companies offer discounts to AARP members.

Does uhaul offer any discounts?

Does U-Haul offer discounts? Trailer and truck rentals are available at everyday low prices, but they are rarely discounted. However, they offer other ways to save on things like hotel bookings, towing and packing essentials, self-storage, and more.

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Who is the cheapest truck rental?

The cheapest moving truck rental companies

  • Budget Truck Rental—Best prices on local moves.
  • Penske Truck Rental—Best prices on one-way moves.
  • U-Haul—Cheapest insurance.


Why is Penske more expensive than uhaul?

When it comes to the overall cost of moving, you will typically find that Penske is slightly more expensive than U-Haul. This is because the company maintains a higher quality of trucks. Penske also tends to add its unlimited mileage option to its quotes.

Why is budget so much cheaper than uhaul?

U-Haul has lower costs, more services, and more locations, while Budget is more transparent about pricing and more proactive in dealing with customer complaints. … U-Haul’s average cost of $1.77 per mile is about 15% less expensive than Budget’s average cost of $2.04 per mile.

Why is Budget Truck Rental so expensive?

Customers do tend to pay higher rates for one-way rentals, according to Budget, because of the extra costs involved in getting trucks to and from popular pickup locations and to compensate for additional wear and tear.

Who has the best truck rental rates?

The 5 best moving truck rental companies

  • Best overall – U-Haul.
  • Best for your budget – Budget Truck Rental.
  • Best for hourly rental – The Home Depot Truck Rental.
  • Best for a local move – Enterprise Truck Rental.
  • Best for a long-distance move – Penske Truck Rental.

Is there an AARP discount for uhaul?

No, U-Haul does not offer AARP discounts.

Is there a AAA discount for uhaul?

The truck rental company is AAA’s exclusive truck rental partner. Members can save up to 20 percent on truck rentals with free unlimited miles on one-way rentals. AAA members also receive 12 percent off the daily rate for both one-way and local truck rentals, as well as special discounts on moving supplies.

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Is the AARP membership worth it?

If you have a look at all of the benefits and discounts offered from an AARP membership, and think those discounts will save you more than $16 a year, then it is definitely worth signing up.

How can I make my uhaul cheaper?

  1. Get the best U-Haul rental rate. …
  2. Calculate the mileage before renting a U-Haul truck. …
  3. Use the U-Haul cost calculator. …
  4. Choose the right size U-Haul truck. …
  5. Return the U-Haul truck rental on time. …
  6. Refuel the U-Haul truck before drop off. …
  7. Improve fuel efficiency on U-Haul rental trucks. …
  8. Use U-Haul truck rental discounts.

How can I get unlimited miles on uhaul?

U-Haul doesn’t offer unlimited mileage. Instead, one-way U-Haul moves include a set number of days and miles, with additional miles costing $0.40 each.

Does AARP offer discounts on moving companies?

If you’re a member of AARP, check for any current benefits that you could use for your move. For example, members currently get 10%-20% off the cost of renting a moving truck. AARP members can also take advantage of a free consultation and discount with WayForth Home Transition Management.

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