How much is Upack military discount?

For example, U-Pack offers $50 off military moves with the discount code MIL50 (for all service members, past and present). PODS® gives 10% off to verified service members, Budget® truck rental gives 20% off to those traveling with orders, and Penske® gives a 10% discount to active duty and veterans.

Why is Upack so expensive?

U-Pack doesn’t require a deposit when you book. It simply charges you when the truck picks up your packed containers. PODS does bake 30 days of storage time into your rental price (U-Pack’s rates include just three days), which could be one reason it’s more expensive.

What does Upack cost?

Using one U-Pack ReloCube costs $1,443 for door-to-door delivery. Using one U-Haul U-Box costs $1,508.95 for door-to-door delivery. Want to know how adding storage to your move changes the rate?

How much does the Army pay movers?

How is it figured? MALT is paid at the rate of $0.16 a mile based on the official distance between duty stations. It does not matter how many travelers are in a vehicle. If you are authorized to use more than one vehicle for the PCS travel, the $0.16/mile is authorized for each vehicle.

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Does Upack charge by weight?

If you’d rather not worry about the weight of your belongings, consider using a company that charges based on space instead — like U-Pack®. U-Pack based prices on the linear footage your items take up in a moving trailer or the number of containers you use.

Are pods cheaper than uhaul?

Is PODS cheaper than U-Haul? While prices may vary from market to market, generally speaking PODS is more expensive than renting a U-Haul truck. Even U-Haul’s U-Box container system is usually cheaper than PODS.

Do you tip Upack driver?

U-Pack is a do-it-yourself long-distance moving service that refers customers to local loading and unloading crews. … So, here’s the answer to the question, “Should I tip the movers?” In the moving industry, there’s no expectation to tip, but like anything, when it’s a job well done, it’s always appreciated.

How much does a 16-foot pod cost?

Renting Storage Containers

According to the company, rates for storing a PODS container on your personal property start as low as $110 per month for a 12-foot container and $120 for a 16-foot container. However, monthly rental rates vary and are dependent on storage duration, container availability and location.

Can you negotiate with Upack?

Re: upack price, can i haggle? You can try – it depends on what time of year it is. If it’s in June – I doubt they’ll go down, but you can ask. doesn’t hurt anything.

What is a Upack ReloCube?

Designed for convenience. Since 2004, the U-Pack ReloCube — a metal, weatherproof moving container — has been a convenient option for long-distance moves. It gets delivered to your door and sits flat on the ground for easy loading. Simply load, lock, and keep the key — we’ll take care of the rest.

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Does military pay moving expenses? is moving to Military OneSource

The Department of Defense provides travel and relocation allowances to help you with moving expenses. … Dislocation allowance, or DLA, partially reimburses for miscellaneous moving costs and is usually paid once per PCS.

Does the military pay to move your spouse?

The military will pay them to relocate their family and their belongings to the new station. A PCS move can be stressful and exhausting, but it is a regular occurrence for most military families.

Will the military pay to move my car?


The cost of transporting privately owned vehicles between CONUS duty stations is primarily the customer’s responsibility. … Military members and families who drive their POV(s) to the new duty station will be reimbursed for mileage and some travel costs.

What fits in a Upack ReloCube?

Each CubeTM can hold a maximum of 2,500 pounds of household goods, and most types of furniture will fit inside without a problem. But just to be sure, we recommend measuring your furniture and comparing the size to the internal dimensions of the ReloCube.

How can I move cheaply?

11 tips for moving cheap

  1. Look for free moving boxes and packing supplies. …
  2. Consider renting a moving trailer. …
  3. Hunt for moving discounts. …
  4. Get multiple moving estimates. …
  5. Make your move tax-deductible (ONLY for active military) …
  6. Borrow a truck. …
  7. Recruit your friends and family. …
  8. Use containers you already own.

Whats the cheapest way to move out of state?

12 Cheap Ways to Move Out of State

  1. Pile Up Cash for Moving Expenses. …
  2. Declutter So There’s Less to Move. …
  3. Pack With Free Supplies. …
  4. Negotiate for a Relocation Package. …
  5. Ask Your Friends for Help. …
  6. Move During Winter or Weekdays. …
  7. Use Public Transportation. …
  8. Haul a Cargo Trailer.
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