Question: How do I get a discount on Uplay?

Go to the Ubisoft Connect discount page. You will be able to see how many Units you currently have on this page. Choose Get 20% off with 100 Units. Select Get discount.

How do I apply a discount on Ubisoft?

Select View cart. Select Add a promo code, in the Order recap section. Enter your promo code exactly as it appears, and select Apply. The price will refresh to show your discounted total.

Can you use discount on Ubisoft?

Yes, you can!

How do I get Uplay tokens?

You can earn Units each time you level up in Ubisoft Connect, and they can be exchanged for in-game Rewards or discounts in the Ubisoft Store. You can check the balance of your account at any time on the Ubisoft Connect website.

How do I get 20% off Ubisoft?

Select View Cart from the pop-up or click on the cart icon displayed next to your avatar. Go to the Ubisoft Connect discount page. You will be able to see how many Units you currently have on this page. Choose Get 20% off with 100 Units.

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How do I redeem a code on Uplay?

Select your username, on the bottom left side of your screen. Choose Redeem Code. Enter your code and select Redeem. This will activate the game.

Can you stack discount codes on Uplay?

Short answer: yes.

Do discounts stack uplay?

Discounts do not stack so you would only be able to use 1 per purchase.

Will there be a far cry 6?

The Far Cry 6 release date is October 7, 2021.

Far Cry 6 was previously set to launch in February 2021 before initially being put back to a Q1 2021 window.

How do I get Uplay?

Uplay can be found on the pause menu of Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.

  1. Start up Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and load the game to the main menu.
  2. Next hold your right hand straight down to your side and left hand down and diagonal to access the pause menu (You will see a small circle fill up in the bottom left corner)

What happened to Ubisoft Club Rewards?

Rewards will be temporarily unavailable in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Rainbow Six: Siege and Steep. We will also unlock all rewards for older Ubisoft titles that will not fully transition to Ubisoft Connect. … Your Units, XP and levels from the Ubisoft Club will be carried over to Ubisoft Connect.

Can you buy games with Uplay points?

For those unaware, points can be earned by completing specific achievement-style “actions” in supported Ubisoft titles. They’re used to acquire in-game items, and can even be exchanged for a 20% discount on purchases from the Ubisoft Store.

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What can I do with Uplay coins?

Ubisoft Connect Units are points which can be earned by successfully completing Challenges in Ubisoft Connect enabled games. Once earned, Ubisoft Connect Units can be used to redeem exclusive Rewards from any of the Ubisoft Connect enabled games on any platform using Ubisoft Connect.

How do you get Ubisoft coins in Valhalla?

You can earn Units by completing challenges and unlocking higher experience levels. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla has its own challenges, which are independent of the game trophies. In the Ubisoft Connect window, you can view their requirements and your progress in unlocking them.

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