Question: What supermarkets take student discount?

Does Tesco do student discount?

Information about Tesco

As you may expect, there is no Tesco student discount but you should keep your eye on this page for offers on food items, electronics and more as well as general savings such as money off your weekly shop.

Does Asda do student discount?

Asda doesn’t do a student discount.

Does Sainsburys student discount?

Information about Sainsbury’s

Unfortunately as with most supermarkets, Sainsbury’s don’t currently offer any additional discount to students. However, they do always have excellent offers and you can almost always pick up a few freebies with your online shop.

Does Lidl do student discount?

As far as we know, there is currently no Lidl student discount available.

Does Argos discount student?

There is no official Argos students discount but there are still ways that students can save.

Does Amazon do student discount?

A UK version of Amazon Prime Student is available as well. … The best part is, you get these the Prime perks at a discount: Amazon Prime Student members receive 50% off the cost of a full Prime membership. Normally $99 / £79 a year, this brings the yearly membership price to $59 / £39.

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Does Morrisons accept student discount?

Morrisons offer students a More for Students discount. The More for Students scheme offers students a range of benefits, including access to extra discount and student-only offers. It also provides students with hints and tips to help them through each term.

Does Asda do NHS discount?

Does ASDA do NHS Discount? Unfortunately, there is no specific NHS staff discount at the moment, but we will continue to bring you the very latest in savings and promotions.

Which shops offer student discount?

UK student discounts for clothing

  • ASOS – 10 percent discount all year round, with occasional 25 percent offers. …
  • Boohoo – 10 percent off all year round.
  • Burton – 10 percent off all year round.
  • French Connection – 10 percent off online and in store.
  • New Look – Year-round 10 percent discount using a UNiDAYS code.

Does Sainsburys do NHS discount?

Does Sainsburys give NHS discount? Currently, Sainsburys does not offer a specific NHS discount.

Does Aldi do student discount?

Aldi don’t currently offer any discount to students, but there are always ways to make further savings. Keep an eye out for Aldi’s Specialbuys which change weekly, as well as special offers featured here at Save the Student.

How much is a NUS card?

So what is the NUS card price? An NUS card UK costs £13. Some assume that paying £13 for a card isn’t necessary when your university provides you with a student ID.

Do Lidl take coupons?

Make sure you look out for Lidl’s in-store magazine as it may contain coupons and vouchers to save on your shopping. Also check newspapers like The Metro for £5 off £25 spend vouchers, and remember – Lidl only accepts its own coupons.

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Can you use coupons at Lidl?

Lidl stores don’t accept manufacturer coupons, but there are a few ways to save beyond the store’s low prices. Check the weekly leaflet, which is available in stores and online, for occasional coupons. … Each week, you’ll receive one set of coupons that matches what you’ll find in the app.

Is there a Lidl loyalty card?

Lidl has launched a loyalty scheme, offering subscribers regular discounts on shopping as well as Sky TV and cinema tickets. … Special offers from partner services include up to 40% off Sky TV and broadband as well as cinema tickets, according to Lidl.

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