Question: Which is better a successive Discountof 40% and 30% or a discount of flat 70 %?

Hence, A discount of flat 70% is better than a successive discount of 40 % and 30%.

Which successive discount offer is better?

your answer is single discount of 30% is better option.

What is the net discount for successive discounts of 30% and 40%?

100 x 0.3=Rs. 30. So when successive discounts of 40% and 30% are given there will be a loss of 12%(42–30) discount as a whole. This is due to 40% of the 30%=12% .

Which is a better option a single discount of 40%?

Single discount of 40% is better option.

So, Single discount becomes, Hence, Single discount of 40% is better option.

What is successive discount?

Successive discount is the discount offered on the discount. It is similar to compound interest (interest on interest). Let us have an example to understand the concept. Let the original price of a CD be ‘x’. a shopkeeper offers a discount of ‘y%’ and again ‘z%’ on the new price.

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When calculating the successive discounts of 15 and 10 on a $100 item?

Therefore the option (a) is correct about the successive discounts of 15% and 10% on a $100 item is $76.5 .

Which is a better deal for a customer a single discount of 25% or two successive discount of 15% and 10%?

After discount of 15% , price of the object=((100-15)/100) ×100=85. Thus it is found that after 25% direct discount the price of the object is rs75 and after successive discount of 15%and 10% the price of the object is rs 76.5. Therefore the deal of 25%direct discount is better for customer.

Which is the better offer two successive discounts of 20% and 20% or a single discount of 40%?

Answer: A single discount is a better deal.

What is the formula of successive discount?

So for the case I two successive discounts of 30% and 20% are given respectively. So, the price after the first discount will be, 100 – 30% of 100 = 100 – 30 = Rs. 70. Now, the price after the second discount will be, 70 – 20% of 70 = 70 – 14 = Rs.

How do you add two successive discounts?

Thus, successive discounts i.e. 20% and 10% on 100 is 72. Thus, the answer is 28%. Option (a) is the correct answer. Note: Another method to find successive discounts is by using the formula (x+y−xy100)% where x, y are discount values.

What is the exact equivalent discount of three successive?

∴ The discount% is 38.8%.

What is successive Formula?

Lets try an example. If there’s an increase of 20% and then a decrease of 10%, the successive percentage will be (20 + (-10) + 20 * (-10) / 100 ) = 20 – 10 – 2 = 8% increase. Now in case of discounts, the value of discount percentages will be considered negative.

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