What discount do New Look employees get?

The current discount is 40% on full price items and promotional items. In the case of promotional items, the discount is calculated as a percentage of the full price of the item and not the promotional price.

How much discount do next employees get?

We’ll give you up to 25% off a huge range of Next fashion and homeware products. Best of all, your immediate family can use it too.

How do I use my next employee discount online?

Yes you can. You have to purchase through the store to receive it. In order to place an online order from home and receive your employee discount, you have to call customer service (aka helpdesk). They will create your personal account with your employee information that you can use in or to get your discount.

Do temporary next staff get discount?

You get a discount card if management are able to find it income if there offices gave up asking for it after 3 months and finally got it when I left typical. 25% off full price items, 10% off certain brands online, and a certain amount of 75% uniform allowance depending on your worked hours.

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What should I wear to work at new look?

Employees working within our stores should be well presented and look professional at all times. You’re not expected to wear New Look clothes, but please don’t wear anything with visible logos from other brands. If you work in the DC and are eligible, you’ll be given a uniform.

DO NEXT staff wear uniforms?

4 answers. You get an allowance, to buy Next clothing products, based on how many shifts you work per week. … Next do not supply a uniform if you’re working in sales however, they can provide a working wardrobe where you choose clothes from within next to wear at work and only pay 25% of the total cost.

Do you get paid weekly at next?

New thing… you get paid weekly if you are new to the business. You can opt out to monthly.

Are next good to work for?

Great place to work. Very flexible hours and understanding managers but also very physical, hard work for what we are paid. Breaks are very short, but overall an enjoyable job that fits around children or studying.

How much do next employees make?

How much does next pay? The average next salary ranges from approximately £20,128 per year for a a Retail Sales Associate to £77,695 per year for a a Buyer. The average next hourly pay ranges from approximately £8 per hour for a a Christmas Sales Assistant to £57 per hour for a a Shop Assistant.

How long is next induction?

Induction day is 1-3 hours. Training programme is around 10 shifts. Always training to be completed on the Next Learning Portal.

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Where can I use my JD staff discount?

The JD Sports employee discount is 25% off in all of JD Stores and other stores including Size?, Millets and so on.

How do you get a discount on next?

How do you get a discount from Next? There are a few simple ways to guarantee savings with every shop: browse their clearance section for huge deals on best-selling items, download the app for mobile-exclusive discounts, and sign up for their mailing list to have the best offers emailed straight to you.

What are the interview questions for new look?

Interview Questions

  • Do you have any retail experience? …
  • Why do you want to work for New Look? …
  • Give me an example of a time where you had to work in a fast paced environment/work under high pressure. …
  • Give me an example of a time where you made a positive suggestion/suggested an improvement to the workplace.


Do new look give references?

3 answers. References are given out from the Head Office and it’s company policy to only provide the dates you’ve worked. Because they know that they treat employees terribly so they don’t allow them to be used in future interviews for other jobs as they know they wouldn’t get good feedback.

What is the notice period at New Look?

Currently they have a policy of ’24 hours notice’ basically they can put a rota up and if its within the 24 hour period they can completely change your shift so its impossible to make plans meaning no work/life balance.

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