What discounts do NRMA members get?

*NRMA Members receive a fourth night free during mid and low seasons. During high and premium seasons, or for shorter stays, a 10% discount capped at $60 is available. NRMA Blue membership price is $60 annually or $5 per month over 12 months.

What is NRMA Blue program?

NRMA Blue is our benefits program for NRMA Members. You can enjoy exclusive benefits that come with being a Member – from saving on everyday items such as fuel, dining, utilities and movie tickets to discounts on car insurance, accommodation, attractions and flights.

What is an NRMA blue chip member?

NRMA Blue is the benefits program for NRMA Members. It includes thousands of discounts including car insurance, food, accommodation, fuel, flights, movie tickets and so much more. … However if you don’t have a car or NRMA Membership you can join for just $5 a month and start saving today.

Is NRMA blue free?

Under this offer, customers who take out an Eligible Policy during the Offer Period can receive a free 12 month ‘NRMA Blue’ membership with National Roads and Motorists’ Association Limited ABN 77 000 010 506 trading as NRMA.

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How does NRMA membership work?

Premium Plus is our most comprehensive Membership package. You’re fully covered anywhere, anytime in Australia. In addition to unlimited call outs on roadside assistance, Premium Plus gives you 100km of free towing in remote areas (50km metro) for your nominated vehicle and trailer.

Will NRMA come to your house?

Whether you’ve broken down on the side of the road or at home, Roadside Assistance from NRMA means you’re covered for things like flat batteries, flat tyres, keys locked in cars and towing. Plus, with over 100 years motoring experience, the NRMA will be there when you need it most.

How much does it cost to join NRMA?

NRMA Membership from $5/Month.

Can you use NRMA if your not a member?

Can I call NRMA if I’m not a Member? Yes you can call us on 13 11 22 and we’ll help you get moving again, there is a On Road Join & Go fee however to allow for immediate access of roadside assistance services.

Does NRMA own thrifty?

Kingmill Pty Limited, trading as Thrifty Car Rental, is 100% owned by the NRMA – making Thrifty the only Australian owned international car rental brand.

What does NRMA stand for?

The NSW branch of the National Roads Association (NRA) was born in February 1920 and in 1923 became the National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA).

Is NRMA roadside worth?

Yes, to me roadside assistance is worth it. But I would never go with one of the insurance third-party mobs. The main players employ high quality service people who are always helpful. PS: NRMA/RACV/RACQ etc will come out FOR FREE to rescue children or pets from cars.

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Is the NRMA app free?

Free for NRMA Members.

What is NRMA gold life membership?

Golden rewards for our greatest supporters

Gold Members (25 years to 49 years of Membership) Gold Life (50 years + Membership)
$93.00 on Traveller Care $46.50 on Traveller Care
Membership package (no roadside assistance) Membership package (no roadside assistance)
$60.00 for NRMA Blue $60.00 for NRMA Blue

Does NRMA take cash?

Pay over the counter at your nearest branch. Remember, not all branches take cash payments, so check your branch before you go.

Does NRMA membership cover more than one car?

Cover an additional vehicle for Roadside Assistance

For every additional vehicle you add to your Membership, save 20% on the first year of Roadside Assistance. Plus there’s no joining fee as you already have a Membership. … Step 4: Add the details of your new vehicle and any add-ons.

How do I pay my NRMA membership?

To renew your membership online, visit NRMA* or renew using BPAY. You can also renew by calling us on 132 132, visiting one of our branches or your nearest Australia Post office.

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