What is the Discount Tire brand?

Is Discount Tire the same as American tire?


The company does business under the trade name Discount Tire in most of the U.S., America’s Tire in parts of California, and Discount Tire Direct in markets outside the reach of retail stores.

Does Discount Tire have quality tires?

Cooper has been around for more than a century, which means they know a thing or two about high quality tires. Discount Tire’s exclusive Cooper tires deliver on safety, durability and more. These include the Discoverer ATP and Discoverer HTP.

Is Discount Tire family owned?

Discount Tire & Service Centers have been family owned and operated for 40 years. We’ve built life-long relationships with our customers because we genuinely care about people. Come into our North Hollywood, CA, location today.

Is Discount Tire a good company?

Discount Tire, with its low prices and lifetime free rotation and balancing, is likely a good choice for new tire purchases. You can shop online or in person if there’s a retailer near you. If you choose to shop around, Discount Tire’s price-matching guarantee should keep you from paying more than necessary.

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Who has the best deal on tires right now?

If you’re strictly looking for a good price, Walmart offers the cheapest median tire prices of the 31 retailers I studied. The median per-tire price at Walmart is $102 and installation costs $15. You can choose from a huge selection of brands including Firestone, Michelin, Cooper, Goodyear, and BFGoodrich.

Is Tire Rack owned by Discount Tire?

The Tire Racks Are Always Full

Our tire rack is always full at Discount Tire. We stock our stores with a large selection of top brand tires so that you will be able to choose the right tires for your vehicle. Shopping for a set of ultra high performance tires for your sports car?

What are the worst tire brands?

10 Worst Tire Brands to Avoid at all Cost in 2021

  • Firestone Destination Tires.
  • Falken Ziex Tires.
  • Carlisle Tires.
  • Low-End General Tires.
  • Westlake Tires.
  • AKS Tires.
  • Goodyear – G159.
  • GeoStar Tires.


Is Discount Tire overpriced?

Compared to other tire stores, Discount Tire Direct’s prices are on the lower end with an average per-tire price of $144.

Store Discount Tire Direct
Median Tire Price $144
Installation Price (Per Tire) $19
Consumer Reports Score 90

Are Walmart tires good?

Overall, Walmart is a great place to shop for tires both online and in-store. You’ll find a great selection of popular tire brands and some of the lowest average per-tire prices compared to other popular tire stores. And installation is cheaper at Walmart than nearly anywhere else.

Who owns discount?

Bruce Halle, the 87-year-old founder and president of Discount Tire, never set out to be a billionaire.

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Did Discount Tire go out of business?

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. The dealership said the temporary store closings —17 in California; 14 in Washington; nine in New Mexico; two in Minnesota; and one each in Arizona, Oklahoma and Utah — are considered “preventative.” …

Who started Discount Tire?

Bruce Halle

Does Discount Tire get paid weekly?

Weekly pay, part and service discounts (not much or really worth it), no sundays. … First the pay you are better off on a grill or in a drive through window. Tire tech 1 pays $9.00/hr.

Can you wear shorts at Discount Tire?

Yes, as long as they are not super crazy.

Is it hard working at Discount Tire?

The job definitely keeps you in shape and depending on the people it can be a fun environment at times. Unrealistic time and labor expectations. They expect you to work as hard as you can the entire time you are on the clock and for some it is not possible.

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