Your question: How do I set up a discount on Airbnb?

How do you set a one time discount on Airbnb?

Go to your calendar and click on the first date whose price you want to change. A window with a “Start date”, “End date” and “Price” box will appear on the right. Fill in the dates and the price and click on “Save changes”.

Can I offer a discount code on Airbnb?

Airbnb doesn’t typically offer discount codes, but my first tip on scoring an Airbnb discount is perhaps the most obvious: If you’re new to Airbnb (or if you create a new account), you could save money instantly with an Airbnb referral (tip: the referrer also earns credit when you take your stay).

How do I get rid of 20 discount on Airbnb?

To withdraw a special offer:

  1. Go to Inbox on a desktop computer or browser (not using the Airbnb app).
  2. Open the message from the guest you sent a special offer to.
  3. Click or tap on the header, which contains the listing name, special offer status, offer dates and amount.
  4. Click or tap Review special offer.

Is Airbnb cheaper last minute?

So is Airbnb cheaper at the last minute? Yes! Indeed it is. In the same way that some hosts offer weekly and monthly discounts, they can also offer a last-minute discount.

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Do first time Airbnb users get a discount?

Airbnb has a generous first-time referral program where each first-timer will get $40 off of your booking (I’ve seen it as high as $59). The Airbnb Coupon is basically a voucher entitling the user to a discount off a particular booking.

Do prices drop on Airbnb?

Managing director Elena Lopez says Airbnb hosts will often take a discounted booking as it is “always better than no booking”. “Typically, the tipping point is one week out – it’s then that hosts start cutting prices most rapidly, while for guests there is still a reasonable selection of properties to choose from.

How do I get 10% off Airbnb?

How To Get An Airbnb Discount

  1. Book An Airbnb By The Week. …
  2. Book An Airbnb By The Month. …
  3. Book More Nights Than You Need. …
  4. Ask The Host For An Airbnb Discount. …
  5. How To Ask A Host For A Special Discount. …
  6. Use Our Coupon Code For $40 Off Your First Stay. …
  7. Airbnb For Work Discount.


Recently, we noticed that the Airbnb raise prices incrementally with each website visit! … The prices of a booking now increases each time you log into the site.

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